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Our Naturopathic Team

Our Naturopathic team have a wealth of experience to share with you and provide well-researched health information and the latest in effective natural health supplements and herbal remedies.


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What are Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies have long been used to treat many health ailments in both humans and animals. Seeds, flowers, bark, tubers and leaves of local plants, as well as other natural elements were selected, "processed" and either applied externally or taken internally to help with the health ailment being presented. Discover More About Natural Remedies

Calcium Supplement Benefits...

Calcium has been shown to help with Arthritis, Back Pain, Depression and many other ailments. One of the first signs of a calcium deficiency are muscle cramps, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. We offer a range of quality Calcium supplements with resources to help you determine what is going to work for you.

Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet is known for its ability to act as a natural remedy for; increasing energy, stress related symptoms, menstrual and menopausal disorders, skin conditions, inflammation and its ability to give people a better sense of wellbeing. Read More On Deer Velvet

Acne & Chronic Skin Disorders

A health issue that is frequently bought to our attention is acne and skin disorders. We have found that there is a great lack of knowledge in natural treatments for these problems. So we have compiled our most effective remedies for treating skin disorders and acne in our natural acne treatment category

Natural treatment for Cold Sores

A significant number of the New Zealand population suffer from Cold Sores and Herpes. We offer a number of different natural remedies (e.g. Lysine) for the effective treatment of cold sores and future outbreaks. View these remedies on our cold sores treatment page. 

Watch a Video with Healthy TV

Watch our helpful videos on everything from 5 htp and depression to pregnancy supplement reviews to the "French Paradox" antioxidant Resveratrol



Best 5 htp Supplements

A 5-Htp Supplement is a safe and natural alternative to treat depression. From the seed of griffonia simplicifolia, 5 HTP is the immediate metabolite between the amino acid L-tryptophan and the brain chemical serotonin. We offer a range of 5 htp products with FREE world wide shipping available.

Latest News... Enzogenol

Enzo Brain Recovery Program offers nutritional support for the recovery of healthy brain function (recently featured on Seven Sharp). The Enzo Brain Recovery Program is a 3-month course of Enzogenol New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, plus Extra-DHA Omega-3. 200mg of Enzogenol + Fish Oil providing 167mg DHA and 33mg of EPA per capsule. 

Omega 3 Fish Oil & EFAs...

"Omega 3 can help to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease especially as people age" according to Massey University nutrition professor and co-author of a new international study, Bernhard Breier. Read how the essential fatty acid, Omega 3 could help you.

Latest Health Supplements & Products

Find out about the latest health supplements and health and beauty product releases.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicine is as old as medicine itself. Many current medicines are based on the active constituents found in some herbs (e.g. white willow bark and aspirin). However, unlike pharmacy drugs, side effects are not common when a herbal remedy has been correctly prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist. Find a wide range of herbal remedies here.

Many parents choose to use herbal remedies for their children, as they consider this to be a safer option for them. You will find many herbal remedies in our Babies and Children section.


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