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Resveratrol described as the modern elixer of youth

Sunday, October 28th 2012


Resveratrol is a potent plant-based substance deemed the modern elixir of youth, mopping up free radicals & preventing oxidative damage associated with aging, as well as enhancing longevity.

This information aired on TV3 60 minutes.   Discover how resveratrol can help enhance your longevity and the mystery behind the French Paradox.

You can find out more about resveratrol here.

Our naturopathic team recommend;

Resveratrol Age Defence   This is our strongest resveratrol product, containing a huge 300mg of resveratrol per tablet as well as other antioxidants.

Reseveratrol 200mg from Solgar.

Lani Lopez Pez-Rez a high quality resveratrol formulation from one of New Zealands favourite naturopaths.

You can discover how antioxidants help us to age well and discover how to combat free radical damage in your body.

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