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Food & Environmental Sensitivies Test

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Food & Environmental Sensitivities Test

Size: 1 Test kit

Allergenics Food & Environmental Sensitivities Test.  A safe and non-invasive way to help determine if something you are eating or are being or have been subjected to, is a contributor to your health problem.  With a sample of your hair, Allergenics Health Assessment Services can detect disruptions to normal...

Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment

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Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment Hair Test

Size: 1 Test kit

Allergenics Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment Hair Test.  Ever wonder if the health problems you are experiencing are due to having a toxic element or a heavy metal in your body?  Now you can be tested for this, with this simple, non-invasive hair test. Allergenics are a New Zealand company, who have a...

Organ Stress Assessment

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Organ Stress Assessment Hair Test

Size: 1 Test kit

Allergenics Organ Stress Assessment. Have you ever wondered how well your organs are functioning? Understanding how well your organs are functioning can give you a rapid insight into the overall health of your body.  It allows you to see areas of deficiency and to target those organs which might require support, be it in...

Vitamin & Mineral Assessment

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Vitamin & Mineral Assessment Hair Test

Size: 1 Test kit

Allergenics Vitamin & Mineral Assessment Hair Test.  The Vitamin and Mineral Assessment is recommended for individuals of all ages and is able to provide information on the nutritional state of a person, detecting the presence of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in the body.  It does not provide...

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