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Childrens Calm & Sleep

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Calm & Sleep

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Children Calm & Sleep.  Calms restless, active children and supports wakeful children into sleep.  A soothing tonic with traditional chamomile and lemon balm (Melissa), to support babies and childrens unsettled sleep during teething, by relaxing the nervous system, encouraging restful sleep. ...

Childrens Tummy Soothe

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Tummy Soothe

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Childrens Tummy Soothe. Soothes and eases upset stomachs and improves digestion.  A soothing tonic to improve digestion and relieve symptoms associated with digestive upsets, including colic in babies, wind, bloating and cramping.  Encourages settled rest by relaxing the nervous system. May relieve...

Childrens Ear, Nose & Throat

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Ear, Nose & Throat Liquid

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Childrens Ear, Nose & Throat. A gentle soothing herbal syrup to ease blocked sinuses, help clear mucus and soothe the throat and a heavy head. These demulcent and anticatarrhal herbs support drying the mucus membranes and clearing mucus in the upper respiratory tract. Includes pelargonium which clinical...

Childrens Chest Soothe Night

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Chest Soothe Night

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Childrens Chest Soothe Night.  Eases the chest and supports a restful nights sleep. A gentle soothing herbal syrup to help relax and ease the chest, Support healthy breathing, Promote calm before bedtime and help settle into a restful nights sleep. These demulcent and calming herbs create a protective film...

Childrens Breathe Easy

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Breathe Easy Syrup

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Childrens Breathe Easy. Calms and soothes a tight chest and supports healthy breathing. Help to relax a tight chest, support clear airways and healthy breathing, support drying the mucus membranes and clearing mucus from the lower respiratory tract, useful support for the body's response to allergens and for...

Childrens Immune Build

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Immune Build Syrup

Size: 150 ml


Harker Herbals Childrens Immune Build with Astragalus. Boosts immunity and supports thriving, healthy children.  An immune boosting and deeply nourishing herbal syrup to boost and build immunity in infants and children struggling to thrive. Support good health and vitality in very active children. Useful for picky eaters,...

Childrens Chest Soothe Day

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Chest Soothe Day

Size: 150 ml

Harker Herbals Childrens Chest Soothe Day.  Eases and soothes the chest and supports dry, tickly airways. A gentle tonic to help soothe inflamed lung tissue, loosen and help cough up mucus and settle dry, hacking coughs.  Useful where mucus builds up in the chest during colds or flu or lingers afterwards and is...

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