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Red Clover Blossom & Herb

Natures Natural Source of Phytoestrogens

Natures Way Red Clover Blossom & herb.  Popular for women.  Red clover (trifolium pratense) is a popular herb for women's health because of its natural potency of phytoestrogens.  Traditionally used as blood purifier & lymphatic cleanser. Has been used in skin conditions & is often found in natural cancer treatment formulations. Useful in respiratory conditions. Used in menopause remedies for hot flushes. With 800mg of Red clover stem, leaf, flower per 2 capsules. 100 capsules

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Common Uses

Red clover is a superb blood and lymphatic cleansing herb helpful for lymphatic congestion, acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils and other chronic skin conditions. Also a great respiratory herb, it may assist with coughs, bronchitis, pertussis (whooping cough), spasmodic or croupy coughs, and pharyngeal inflammation. The phytoestrogenic constituents give the herb a use in PMS, peri and post menopause, and to maintain a healthy prostate gland in males.

Suggested Dosage

Take two capsules daily with water at mealtimes or prepared as a tea. If this is the 1st time you have taken this product, you would be advised to start with 1 capsule once a day only and after a few days, increase to 2 capsules.

Health Information

Red Clover

Although Red Clover has a long history as an important fodder crop, recognition as a medicinal herb is fairly recent. The nomadic or gypsy cultures of 19th century Europe are responsible for giving this herb much of its healing reputation. It is the lead ingredient in Red Clover Combination, made famous by Hoxey, Dr. Christopher and others.

Red Clover for Cleansing

Red Clover is used as an alterative (cleanser) especially useful in mild toxaemia, abnormal cell growth, skin conditions and as a diuretic. Can also be used as an expectorant and a mild antispasmodic. Genistein, a weakly estrogenic compound in the flower may block off cellular estrogen receptors, helping to reduce tumour enlargement.

Red Clover for Hormonal Balancing

Studies have shown that men may benefit from a diet rich in isoflavones to help maintain a healthy prostate gland, so Red clover is also highly useful in men's health. In another study, scientists found that the supplement improved arterial compliance in postmenopausal women. It is suggested that this action may help protect postmenopausal women from developing heart disease.


Each 2 capsules contain: Red Clover (Stem, Leaf, Flower) 800mg. Other ingredients: Plant derived capsule (modified cellulose)


Keep out of reach of children. Always start with a very small amount of this herb, if you have not taken this before. Not to be taken during pregnant. Caution with anticoagulants such as Warfarin or Heparin.

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