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Glycemic Factors

Aids in glucose metabolism

Country Life Glycemic Factors. Chromium aids in the metabolism of glucose. A highly effective combination of herbs, chromium and vanadyl sulfate together with synergistic vitamins and minerals as nutritional support for blood sugar metabolism. Contains extracts of Gymnema,  bitter melon & fenugreek, as well as PAK. Certified vegan. Gluten free. 100 tablets.

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Country Life


100 Tablets

Common Uses

Correcting and maintaining normal blood sugar metabolism is essential for supporting a number of systems in the human body.

Notably conditions associated with insulin resistance and it's complications. These are hypertension, obesity, infertility, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders and low thyroid function.

Conditions directly associated with blood sugar irregularities are hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), hyperglycaemia (excessive circulating glucose levels), mood swings, fatigue, sugar cravings, and hunger.

Suggested Dosage

Directions: Adults take one tablet twice daily before a meal.  Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Health Information

Blood sugar problems

Sugar irregularities are seen as a major concern in Western Society. Impaired sugar metabolism may lead to diabetes. In the eight years from 1990-98, diabetes increased 70% in the 30-39 year age group.

Researcher S.P Wolff recently reported, the individual with diabetes has a 25-fold increase in the risk of blindness, a 20-fold increase in the risk of renal failure, a 20-fold increase in the risk of amputation as a result of gangrene and a 2 to 6-fold increased risk of coronary heart disease and ischemic brain damage.

Almost half of those diagnosed as diabetic before the age of 31 die before they reach 50, largely as a result of cardiovascular or renal complications, often with many years of crippling and debilitating disease beforehand.

There are however three pre-diabetic stages a type 2 diabetic goes through prior to becoming diabetic, these are preventable if recognised and if certain nutrients are maintained within human nutrition. Hypoglycaemia is the most common sugar impairment found in Western society.

Symptoms include dizziness on standing, craving sweets, feeling shakey, irritable if a meal is missed, moodiness, poor concentration, nervous and impatient feeling, tired 1 to 3 hours after eating and waking in the middle of the night.

Hyperglycaemia is characterised as night sweets, increased thirst, reduced resistance to infection, overweight, poor wound healing and craving of sweets that does not relieve symptoms of tiredness.

An increase in blood sugar leads to interactions with proteins which changes their properties and impairs tissue functions. These are known as A.G.E's. An increase in blood glucose is associated with decreased uptake of vitamin C. Insulin is required for vitamin C uptake.

This formula contains the trace minerals, Chromium and Vanadium. Chromium losses through urination occur in the presence of a high carbohydrate diet. Losses have been reported of up to 10-300%. This coupled with a low dietary intake of chromium - the average daily intake is 25-33mcg, may lead to chromium deficiency, which is associated with impaired glucose and lipid metabolism.

Within the past five years, chromium has been shown to improve glucose and related variables in patients with insulin resistance, as well as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Severe neuropathy and insulin resistance in patients receiving the recommended daily intake of chromium, were reversed by additional supplemental chromium picolinate. Chromium increases insulin binding to cells, insulin receptor number and activates insulin receptor kinase leading to increased insulin sensitivity.

Vanadium is a trace element that is present in most body tissue. Studies using rats with diabetes have shown a complete reversal of this disease, when vanadium was given. As well as this, it inhibits cholesterol synthesis, making it important in the prevention of heart disease.

Zinc is also important for people who have sugar problems, because of its regulatory affect on insulin in the blood. It has been found that the addition of zinc to insulin, prolongs its effects on blood sugar.

Low magnesium levels are a strong predictor of insulin resistance, blood sugar irregularities and type 2 diabetes. In vitro studies have shown an effect of magnesium on the secretion of insulin by the pancreas and on the responsiveness to insulin by peripheral tissues. Insulin resistance has been shown to be implicated in impairing the ability of insulin to stimulate magnesium or glucose uptake in pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals. Magnesium is the limiting factor in carbohydrate metabolism.

Fenugreek seeds are included due to pre-clinical studies documenting the anti-diabetic properties of defatted fibres. The mucilaginous, water retaining fibres of fenugreek reduce fasting blood glucose levels, LDL and VLDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India for centuries to lower sugar levels and regenerate insulin producing cells. Bitter melon fruit provides a number of active constituents that support the normalisation of blood sugar levels. Pharmacological studies also have shown both an antiviral and antibacterial activity.

B vitamins are often depleted in individuals suffering from sugar irregularities and are therefore added to the formula. Manganese and Potassium are associated with carbohydrate metabolism, modifying blood glucose by directly accelerating cellular glucose uptake or utilisation, by potentiating insulin, by interfering with glucose formation in the liver, by accelerating the release of insulin and by inhibiting the release of glucagon from the pancreas.


Each 1 tablet contains: Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine-alpha-ketoglutarate) 7.5mg, Folic Acid 200mcg, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 50mcg, Calcium  (as calcium carbonate) 60mg, Magnesium (aspartate) 50mg, Zinc (monomethionine) 2.5mg, Copper (lysinate) 0.5mg, Manganese (citrate) 1.5mg, Chromium (picolinate) 200mcg, Potassium (aspartate) 49.5mg, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf 6.3mg (from 40:1 extract) 75% gymnemic acids equal to 4.7mg), Fenugreek seed 150mg (from 37.5mg of a 4:1 extract), Bitter Melon extract 4:1 (fruit) 100mg, PAK (pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate) 12.5mg, Vanadium 781mcg (from 2.5mg vanadyl sulfate).  Other ingredients: Cellulose, stearic acid, cellulose & glycerin coating, magnesium stearate, vegetable glaze.  No yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, preservatives or artificial colour.


Keep out of reach of children.  If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, hypoglycemic, taking medication or planning surgery, consult your doctor before using his product.

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