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Melrose Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Melrose Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. Virgin. Cold Pressed. Unrefined. Rich Coconut Aroma & Flavour.  A pure, natural, virgin cold pressed Coconut oil. Melrose Unrefined Coconut Oil retains the aroma and flavour of coconuts whereas Refined Coconut Oil removes that aroma and flavour. The major benefit of both Melrose Coconut Oils is that the oil isn’t altered by heat so you can use it in a number of applications such as shallow frying, as a butter or margarine and even substituted for butter in baking. It can also be massaged into the skin for external applications. Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol levels, but is quickly metabolized into energy. It is high in lauric acid and rich in medium chain triglycerides, especially lauric (45%). Smaller chain fats absorb more easily, are digested quickly and used by our bodies as healing energy. Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol levels. Heating does not compromise the oils nutritional value. Made in Australia. Certified Organic. We also have the Melrose Organic Refined Coconut Oil. 300 grams

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300 gm

Suggested Dosage

Use for cooking

Coconut oil is the only oil not altered by heat.


Certified organic, unfined, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil. Made in Australia.


Store in a cool dry place, with the lid firmly placed. 

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