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Natural Alternative to Vaccination Book

Natural Alternative to Vaccination Book - 1 Book

Natural Alternatives to Vaccination- Be informed about: the side effects and dangers of vaccinations, immune-boosting strategies, and your right to decide. Written by Zoltan Rona MD.

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1 Book

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More and more parents are deciding against vaccinating their children. Thanks to many brave and respected scientists and health care professionals, as well as many concerned parents, the anti vaccination movement is no longer a cult and is expanding at a remarkable rate. An author and medical doctor who is known for his thorough and objective research, opinion and preventative approach, Zoltan Rona is the perfect person to introduce you to the natural alternatives to dangerous and questionable vaccines. He does not try to sway your opinion on the topic, but rather invites you to be aware of the facts and presents practical information on safe alternatives for your children. Topics covered include: How Vaccines Work Against the Body, Dangerous Additives, The Flu Shot, Optimizing the Immune System, Interferon Boosters, Homeopathic Nosodes.




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