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Smokers Toothpaste - Short Dated

Smokers Toothpaste - Short Dated - 100g

Mega strong breath freshener and stain removing. Fights plaque & tartar, with added calcium, removes stains, no added fluoride and a new double action breath freshener.

Was $5, Now $3.95. Expiry November 2019. Last 2.

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Fight plaque, control tartar - prevent plaque build-up & tartar deposits. Brush your teeth properly & regularly with Smokers Toothpaste. With calcium - contains calcium carbonate, a high-purity finely ground mineral sourced from mother-nature, for cleaner, whiter stronger teeth. Stained teeth - removes stains that ordinary toothpastes leave behind. When used properly & regularly the fine Dolomite powder helps remove, without harshness, stains caused by food, drink & tobacco. No added fluoride - many people get all the fluoride they need from their usual dietary sources (tea, seafood, processed foods, soft drinks, etc). One of the common symptoms of excess fluoride is chalky white patches on the teeth giving a "mottled" appearance. Advanced cases show discolouration or even pitting of the enamel. This condition is reversible. Double-Action Breath Freshener - Our scientists doubled the strength of the mint flavour and tested it with people just like you. It wasn't strong enough, so we doubled it again! Now they love it. Brush your teeth with Smokers Toothpaste and you will be amazed how fresh, clean & tingling your breath & mouth feel.


Calcium carbonate, purified water, sorbitol, glycerin, fine NZ dolomite powder, sodium lauryl sulfate, silica, carboxymethyl cellulose, magnesium silicate, sodium saccharin, hydroxy benzoates, flavours.



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