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Dishwasher Powder- Lemon & Lime

Dishwasher Powder- Lemon & Lime - 1 Kg

Earthwise Plant & Mineral Based Dishwasher Powder. Lemon & Lime. Naturally powerful, plant based formula for use in automatic dishwashers. Highly concentrated, only a small amount is required to leave your dishes squeaky clean and streak free. It's biodegradable, grey water and septic tank safe - gentle on your skin and the environment. Phosphate, Nitrate, Chlorine and Ammonia free. 1kg

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1 Kg

Common Uses

  • For use in automatic dishwashers
  • Septic tank and grey water safe
  • Concentrated formula so only a small amount needed

Suggested Dosage

Directions: Remove scraps from dishes before placing in your dishwasher.  For a full load, add 15ml (or one heaped cap full) to the dishwasher dispenser.  Do not sprinkle powder over dishes.

Refer to manufacturer's instructions for hand painted china, lead crystal and glass, aluminum water and oven glazed crockery.  if in doubt, wash by hand.  it is always advised to rinse dishes first as food scraps can linger in dishwasher filter and block draining water and can also create unwanted odour.

For first time use, you need to clean your dishwasher from other products chemical residue. To do so, add 15ml (or one heaped cap full) of Earthwise Dishwasher powder in an unloaded wash cycle and repeat once again if required.

Health Information

The Earthwise story begins in New Zealand, our home and our inspiration. Here, Earthwise creator Tom Robinson formulated his first plant based product in 1964.

At Earthwise, we see the world as you do. It’s about your health, your family and a partnership with nature. It’s why we creatively blend nature’s genius with our experience and innovative spirit, to meet the needs of today while protecting the environment for tomorrow. By choosing Earthwise you're helping reduce the levels of toxic chemicals in our waterways and oceans.

The Earthwise Home range has been specifically developed for your living environments. From your bathroom to your kitchen, Earthwise products are designed to be naturally powerful and naturally kind.

We understand that your home is a big part of your world, so we take care to provide you with natural solutions for everyday needs.

The full Earthwise range includes products for your laundry, kitchen and bathroom, as well as general purpose cleaners.


We are committed to the preservation of the environment through our environmentally responsible products, which are:
• Proudly created and made in New Zealand
• GE Free, not tested on animals
• Non-toxic, septic-tank safe, and biodegradable
• Concentrated, cost-effective formulas
• Naturally powerful, environmentally kind

All of the Earthwise Home products are:
• Phosphate Free
• Nitrate Free
• Chlorine Free
• Ammonia Free


<10% Non-ionic & anionic surfacants (natural derived cleaning agents), sea salts, silicants & carbonates (naturally occuring mineral salts), citrate (from citrus), lemon essential oil, delimonene, Lime fragrance. 


Keep out of reach of children.

Not to be taken internally. Store this product in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Always keep the lid firmly closed between uses.  Wash hands after use. For very sensitive skin types avoid direct contact with the powder or wash solution. 

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