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Comvita UMF10+ Manuka Honey 500 grams

Comvita UMF10+ Manuka Honey 500 grams - 500 gm

Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to be al least UMF 10+ and has been verified by an independent laboratory to have proven levels of unique activity, first identified by Dr Peter Molan at New Zealand's Waikato University. 500grams

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500 gm

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Honey has always been regarded as a folk remedy, but now scientific research confirms that honey contains antibacterial properties, including an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, a proven antiseptic. Dr Peter Molan at Waikato University has also identified an antibacterial property in addition to peroxide called "UMF®" (Unique Manuka Factor®). UMF® is only present in some Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand, making it unique amongst the honeys of the world. This special property is effective against most bacteria including the very resistant helicobacter pylori (the bacteria which causes most stomach ulcers) and staphylococcus aureus. UMF® 10+ is effective in assisting the healing process across an extensive range of wound types including varicose ulcers, burns, cuts and wounds. It reduces Infection. Wounds and burns are prone to infections that can dramatically slow down the healing process. Tests have shown that UMF® honey can help the body's normal immune response clear wounds of infection when used as a dressing, thus helping in the healing process. Studies in this area look promising for manuka honey with a high UMF® rating (UMF®10 or higher). It supports Natural Defences. Wounds often cause damage to underlying circulation, reducing the supply of body nutrients needed for tissue re-growth. Honey "osmosis" actually draws serum from the body up into the wound, helping to increase tissue growth. Honey also contains glucose, essential in helping white blood cells fight bacteria. Assists Tissue Growth When honey is used in wound dressings it provides a moist, bacteria-free environment. Keeping a wound moist also reduces scarring, by stopping scabs from forming on the surface of the wound. Creates a Healing Barrier. When honey is put on a wound beneath a sterile cotton dressing, the honey acts as a liquid barrier between the wound and the dressing. This helps prevent the dressing from sticking, which in turn can reduce pain and tissue damage when dressings are changed. Assists Healing. Studies have shown that the acidity produced by honey helps stimulate wound healing. The sugars in this honey also stop bacteria from producing ammonia, the cause of unpleasant odours associated with some varicose ulcers. The lack of ammonia also means that skin tissues irritation is minimised. How to use Manuka Honey on wounds For wounds and burns, spread honey onto a dressing pad rather than directly on the wound, ensuring there is enough honey for even coverage of the wound surface. Daily dressing changes are usual, but up to three times daily may be needed for wounds weeping heavily. If the dressing sticks to the wound, this usually indicates that dressing changes should be more frequent. The amount of honey required on the wound depends on the amount of fluid seeping from the wound. More honey is required on deeper infections or if there is a lot of fluid produced from the wound. As the wound heals, there will be less fluid produced by the wound so the amount of honey required and the frequency of dressing changes may be reduced accordingly. Absorbent dressings will help to prevent honey oozing out. However, waterproof dressings are preferable because they will help keep the honey in contact with the wound. Adhesive tape or bandages can help keep the dressings in place.


100 % Raw NZ Manuka Honey with a UMF rating of 10+






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