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Active Manuka Honey 5+

Active Manuka Honey 5+ - 500 grams

Active Manuka Honey has a unique drawing factor that soaks liquid & nutrients, which bacteria feed on, out of a wound it is put into. It also painlessly lifts off dead tissue, scab or burnt skin & keeps the wound moist, which aids healing. 500 gms

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500 grams

Health Information

Dr Molan has tested Active Manuka honey, to help with many different health ailments. Some of the ones he found this to be most effective with are: Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers (1 spoonful on an empty stomach each day), MRSA, the antibiotic resistant bacteria that is the common cause of non-healing wounds, fungal infections, such as those found on the skin and nails - ringworm and athletes foot (minimum concentrations were needed), bacterial diarrhoea in infants, burns and wounds, eczema. As well as this, clinical trials have shown that it is actually superior to the most widely used modern dressing material for the treatment of burns. Comvita Manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand's pristine native forests, and is world renowned for its unique antibacterial properties. All Comvita Manuka Honey is tested to ensure that it contains beneficial levels of antibacterial activity. To preserve Comvita Manuka Honey's exceptional health giving properties, special processing technology has been used to ensure you receive this product in optimum condition, just as nature intended. Comvita Manuka Honey, with its distinctively rich flavour and aroma, can be eaten by the spoonful, used as a spread or added to hot beverages


Active Manuka Honey 5+. Best stored below 20c

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