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HoneyRose Special Herbal Cigarettes

HoneyRose Special Herbal Cigarettes - 20 Cigarettes

Honeyrose Special Herbal Cigarettes. Herbal Cigarettes that contain no nicotine, ideal for those who are giving up smoking. They look EXACTLY like real cigarettes. These herbal cigarettes also have a blend of beneficial herbs to support the respiratory system and lung health. These are an R18 product and we cannot sell these to you unless you are over the age of 18. Special Cigarettes are made from a blend of herbs: Marshmallow, Red Clover and Rose Petals. They are guaranteed tobacco-free and nicotine-free with a tar level of 6.9 mg and a special, light taste. 20 herbal cigarettes.

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20 Cigarettes

Common Uses

These non-additive totally tobacco and nicotine free smokes are designed to help smokers stop for good in four weeks.

Suggested Dosage

Use as required.

Health Information

Many smokers want to quit but they rely on the ritual of lighting up in demanding situations. Honeyrose allows smokers the tactile pleasure of lighting up and smoking a cigarette, during the difficult giving up period. They are non-additive, totally tobacco and nicotine free. Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes offer a unique smooth flavour for a lighter satisfying smoke.

Honeyrose.  The natural way to stop smoking

Natural, herbal cigarettes. Wanting to stop smoking is one thing - but managing to do so can be another matter entirely. Not only can quitting be daunting and difficult, but the products available to help often contain nicotine or synthetic, chemical additives with undesirable side effects.

Thankfully, Honeyrose herbal cigarettes offer a gentle, nicotine-free way to combine with willpower, helping smokers to quit. Honeyrose products are tobacco free and non-addictive. They are made entirely from wild-crafted marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers and rose petals, and flavoured with other natural ingredients such as fruit juices and honey.

The Honeyrose Stop Smoking Plan

The Honeyrose Three-week Stop Smoking Plan allows smokers to continue the familiar action of smoking during the potentially difficult initial period, when they are adjusting to a decreasing intake of nicotine. At the start, regular cigarettes are gradually replaced with the Honeyrose herbal alternative. After one week, smokers begin to reduce the total number cigarettes they smoke each day. After two weeks or so, they are tobacco-free, and after three weeks, they are cigarette-free.

Honeyrose herbal cigarettes have been used successfully for more than 40 years and in 15 countries worldwide, and clinical trials have shown that smoking them has no adverse effect on heart rate or blood pressure.


Ginseng Cigarettes are made from a blend of herbs including Marshmallow, Red Clover and Rose Petals.


Keep out of reach of children

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