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KB - Kidney Bladder

Premium Herbal Formula

Natures Way KB Kidney Bladder. A herbal combination containing herbs that target the kidneys & urinary system specifically. Contains natural diuretics, antiseptic & soothing herbs. Also contains Golden seal which also strengthens & tones mucous membranes. 100 vegetarian capsules.

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Nature's Way


100 Capsules

Common Uses

The synergy of the nutrients in this formula may help with fluid retention, urinary tract infection and urinary gravel (bladder and kidney stones).

Suggested Dosage

Two capsules three times daily with water preferably with food. Increase the amount of fluids taken throughout the day. Contraindicated in children, pregnancy & lactating or individuals with kidney disorders of excessively acidic urine. Not recommended for prolonged, continuous usage (more than 6 to 8 weeks).

Health Information

Natures Way KB - Kidney Bladder herbal Formulation

A herbal combination specifically for helping to promote better functioning of the urinary system. This product contains the herbs Juniper, Parsley, Ginger, Uva Ursi, Marshmallow, Cramp Bark & Golden Seal.

Juniper berries have been used for their antiseptic, diuretic & pain relieving effect in urinary tract infections, prostatitis and water retention. Juniper is useful in stimulating kidney activity, thereby eliminating toxins throughout the urinary tract. These berries have been widely recommended for arthritis & gout. Although parsley is generally thought of as a culinary herb, it is excellent for water retention and under active or sluggish kidneys. In German phyto-medicine, parsley is used for problems relating to the lower urinary tract and for helping with the prevention of kidney gravel.

Ginger has been added to this formulation because it acts as a digestive aid in permitting the excretion of toxins through the bowels, reducing stress on the kidneys.

Uva Ursi, also known as bearberry, has antiseptic and astringent properties specific to the lining of the urinary tract. This herb is used to combat kidney and bladder infections. It is an effective diuretic that tones and strengthens the urinary system.

Marshmallow is very effective in soothing and healing mucous membranes, especially those of the urinary and digestive tracts. Marshmallow has mild diuretic properties but is mainly included for its ability to relieve pain through its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cramp Bark. The name Cramp Bark alludes to its common use of relieving cramps. It is commonly used to relieve ovarian and uterine cramps and is also used to relieve muscle cramps.   Cramp bark may help relieve pain and cramping that occurs from the passing of urinary gravel. It has also been used in the treatment of enuresis & incontinence.

Golden seal is a strong, bitter herb helpful in strengthening mucous membranes of the body. It has astringent properties that tone and strengthen tissue. All in all, a good product that helps the urinary system on many different levels.


Each 2 capsules contain a proprietary blend equating to 930mg. The blend is Juniper berries, Parsley herb, Ginger root, Uva Ursi leaves, Marshmallow root, Cramp bark and Golden Seal root. Other ingredients: Plant-derived capsule (Modified cellulose)


Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if you are a child, are pregnant or lactating. However, under medical supervision, this formula merits consideration when the patient is at risk of toxaemia. Not for long term use. In all cases of kidney or urinary disorders, seek professional advice before self prescribing.

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