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Thyroid Maintenance Formula

Herbal Thyroid Support

Christopher's Thyroid Maintenance formula.  Nutritional support & tonic specifically for helping nourish the thyroid gland & controlling metabolism. Contains trace minerals in the form of nutrient rich plants such as Organic Kelp, Watercress, Nettle, Mullein, Parsley, Iceland Moss and Sheep Sorrel. 100 Vcaps

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100 Vegicaps

Common Uses

A Dr Christopher formula recommended as nutritional support for under activity of the thyroid. Suitable for hypothyroid conditions. Symptoms of hypothyroid include: overweight, fatigue, cold body temperature etc. Optimal thyroid function is essential for many different body functions including proper metabolism of dietary carbohydrates, fats and proteins, maintenance of normal blood pressure, regulation of tissue growth and development, stimulation of digestive juices and gastrointestinal motility, regulation of normal female reproductive ability, maintenance of healthy skin hydration, and not least it is essential to the normal development of the foetal nervous system and maintenance of these tissues in adults.

Suggested Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules three times a day, or as directed by your health care professional.

Health Information

This thyroid formula acts as a normaliser and tonic. It provides trace mineral nutrient support, with specific toning and cleansing herbs. This formula is helpful in assisting all endocrine glands involved in support roles with the thyroid. The thyroid stimulates glucose oxidation, leading to increased basal metabolic rate and body heat production. The parathyroid, controls the calcium balance of the body. Kelp, Iceland moss and Irish moss are highly nutritive, containing iodine and other minerals. Mullein was historically considered the perfect "gland food", and is highly regarded by Dr Christopher. Watercress, parsley and nettle are highly mineralised, nutritive and supportive of the endocrine system.


Each 2 capsules contains a proprietary blend equating to 950mg. Containing Organic Kelp plant, Wildcrafted Watercress plant, Wildcrafted Nettle leaf, Wildcrafted Mullein leaf, Organic Parsley leaf, Organic Irish Moss and Wildcrafted Sheep Sorrel herb. Other ingredients: Plant derived capsule. No fillers or chemicals.


Keep out of reach of children. In all cases of thyroid problems, seek professional advice before self prescribing. Do not use if you have hyperthyroid or an over active thyroid, without 1st speaking to your specialist.

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