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Ground Linseed


Healtheries Ground linseed (also known as flax seed) has a gentle fibre content which soothes the digestive system, promotes regularity and is a source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Its perfect for vegetarians, people looking for extra fibre, and is wheat and gluten free.  The tasty part is its pleasant nutty flavour.  You'll love it in cereals, soup, stews, breads, cakes and muffins. Contains 100% Ground Linseed. Raw. Gluten Free. Made in New Zealand from a local ingredient.  Once you have opened it, put it in the refrigerator. Suitable for Vegans. 400grm

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400 gm

Suggested Dosage

Add a tablespoon of Healtheries Ground Linseed to breakfast cereals, yoghurt, baking and smoothies for your daily nutrition boost.  Perfect for adding to just about anything.

Healtheries recommend that this product be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

  • Sprinkle one teaspoon to one tablespoon per serving onto cereals, porridge, stewed fruit, yoghurt, casseroles and sauces
  • In cooking, mix into meatloaf and meatball mixtures, fish or chicken coatings, or add to pancake and biscuit, muffin and cake batters
  • One teaspoon mixes easily with juice or milk drinks
  • To prevent lumping when making porridge, mix ground linseed with the dry oats or grains before water is added

May be used as a substitute for eggs in muffins, pancakes and cookies: 1 tablespoon ground linseed plus 3 tablespoons of water = 1 egg

Cough relieving tonic:  One teaspoon of ground linseed may be mixed with hot water, honey and lemon as a drink to ease coughs and chest complaints

Poultice:  Ground linseed may be used as a poultice (mix ½ cup linseed with ½ cup water and apply locally) for the relief of muscular inflammation or mixed with mustard and applied to the chest for lung congestion.

Health Information

Fine ground flaxseed

Promote your good health and add a great taste boost to your daily diet by adding Healtheries premium ground flaxseed, also known as linseed. Flaxseed's pleasant nutty flavour lends itself to cereals, soups, stews, breads, cakes or muffins and its gentle fibre content will help to soothe the digestive system and promote daily regularity.

Ground flaxseed is a good source of the essential omega 3 oil Alpha linolenic acid which is beneficial for cholesterol levels and is also an effective tonic for the skin and hair. Flaxseed is also an excellent source of lignans and natural antioxidants which are valuable for women's health and an active immune system.

Ground flaxseed is a beneficial food supplements for domestic birds and animals.


100% Ground Linseed.  Made in New Zealand from a local ingredient.  Packed at a site that also processes peanuts and nuts.


Once you have opened this product, it will keep longer if kept in the fridge.  So your first taste will be as good as the last.

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