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Organic Noni Juice

Organic Noni Juice

Life Health 100% Organic Noni Juice. Morinda Citrifolia. The Noni fruit has been prized for more than 2000 years for its health-giving properties by the people of China, India and particularly Polynesia. In fact, it was widely known as the 'Aspirin of the Ancients' and was typically taken as a drink to enhance bodily function, build the immune system and support overall good health.  Most importantly ...  Noni grows best wherever there is pollution-free volcanic soil. The Cook Islands, Samoa and Niue Island - in the Pacific - have a unique feature; they are the only region in the world that can claim to be totally 'Organic' in its horticulture. That's why Noni Juice from these Pacific Islands is particularly prized for its nutritional value.  This organic juice comes from the Noni fruit (not plant matter) that is grown on the islands of the South Pacific and then bottled in New Zealand. (Called Nonu in Samoa)  750ml Glass Bottle

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Common Uses

The Noni tree is indigenous to the Pacific Islands. Native healers used the plant for thousands of years for healing various internal and external ailments. The island equivalent to 'Ginseng' with its tonic and energy boosting properties. Can also be used as a digestive aid.

Suggested Dosage

*When taking NATURAL health supplements and remedies our bodies need time for the nutrients to be effective. They work to make those areas that are deficit stronger by gathering the nutrients required. So depending on the amount of repair work to be done, as to how soon we realize the effect. As mentioned before, we are all in varying degrees of nutrient deficiency.

*You need to commit to drinking Noni for 90 days at the onset.

This is in keeping with our body cycles. Every 90 to 100 days our blood cells are renewed, and it also allows our systems the time to take on board the nutrients where they are required. This period will indicate the amount of Noni each person needs to sustain the ongoing benefits.

*ADULTS - first month - 30mls a day

This is the recommended amount for people in general that do not have known health problems.

The best time to take Noni is on an empty stomach, as this increases the absorbency. First thing in the morning is recommended, or at least 10 minutes before food.

*If after the first month you do not notice any changes, increase the amount to 60mls a day.

In this scenario you may have underlying health problems that you were not aware of and the Noni is providing the nutrients to those areas first.

Remember here, any health problems that manifest themselves were quite sometime in the making. We do not develop diseases over night!

*After the second month if you still feel that you are not realizing as many benefits as you would expect, increase the amount to 120mls a day.

You may divide the amount into twice a day, i.e.; morning and evening, but still before meals.

*By the end of the third month you will have a good indication of how much your maintenance amount is to be.

You can never have too much Noni juice as your body will continue to distribute and utilize the nutrients. Especially in the early stages if we consider how long we have probably been deprived of these nutrients.

*As you continue to drink Noni you will come to know what times you need more or less. (If we honestly listen to our bodies signals we will know what we need to provide, be it nutrients or other mechanisms such as stress management therapies, exercise and relaxation.)

*At any stage in your life when you know you are putting extra demands on your systems, be they mental, emotional, or physical, increase the amount to compensate for this.

In the case of illness, injury or surgery, Noni can be taken in copious amounts. It depends on the severity of the condition, as to how much. 30mls on the hour, during waking hours is not excessive. It is at these times that you will greatly benefit from the Nonis healing power. (Cancer victims may drink as much as 750 ml per day initially)

*Adequate intake of water (at least 1litre a day = 8-10 glasses), is essential to keep all our systems hydrated, to assist in getting rid of body wastes, and to allow the nutrients to be dispersed. Knowing that our bodies are around 90% water, this needs to be replenished continuously.

In some cases where people have been slow to realize the benefits of Noni, by simply increasing the water intake, this has been improved.

*Noni is also a powerful antioxidant, meaning its facility to rid your body of unwanted toxins that interfere with normal cell function. In the early stages of drinking the juice you may experience the affect of this in the manner of more frequent and looser bowel motions and or increased flatulence. This is your body cleansing itself and is not harmful.

Most reactions are over in 6-8 weeks, usually sooner.

Should anyone feel the cleansing effect is excessive simply cut back on the amount, then gradually increase back to the desired amount.

A question often asked is, "How long do I need to drink Noni?"

ANSWER: "How often do you need to eat?"

Noni is the most abundant source of nutrients in your diet! 

Shake well before opening. Refrigerate after opening.

Health Information

Heres what Life Health have to tell us about Noni. 

What is NONI?

NONI IS A UNIQUE TROPICAL FRUIT that is grown in the Pacific Islands. It is known to the Pacific Island people as a beneficial food. Typically it is taken as a drink to enhance bodily function and support overall good health. It is widely known as the 'Aspirin of the Ancients'. It's been successfully used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China India and elsewhere and grows best wherever there is pollution free volcanic soil. The Cook Islands and Niue, being one of many regions where it grows, have a unique feature; they are the only region in the world that can claim to be totally "Organic" in its horticulture.

'Nonu' is the Cook Islands name for what we here call 'Noni'. In the Cook Islands and Niue the fruit has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Today, when you travel to the Cook Islands or Niue, you will often see local people picking some of their shrubs. When the Cook Islanders and Niueans do not feel well, whatever the cause, they tend to try the fruit first.

Botanically the fruit is called: Morinda Citrifolia. It grows on a shrub type tree and the size of the fruit is about the same size as a medium avocado pear. The skin has warts on it similar to a pomegranate. The shrub shows fruit some 10 months after planting. It reaches maturity in about 18 months and then yields between 4 to 8kg of fruit every month, all year round.

Folk medicine
Noni juice is a health product and a natural food. It is one of the many that have formed the basis of folk medicine known to healers for thousands of years in every culture in the world.

Noni juice attracts interest from science and medicine
Since World War II, scientists and medical researchers have become increasing interested in traditional, natural health products, such as noni juice, since they recognize there are health values in many of these old cures.

In this they imitate the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, who lived over 2000 years ago in Greece and said, "Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food!" Today we might say it a different way, "You are what you eat." This is what noni juice drinkers know!

Folk remedies of the ancient world

Folk medicine in early societies and cultures, (which knew about noni juice, of course), came from the common need people have to combat illness and sickness, and rise up after being crushed by natural disasters and accidents.

How were noni juice and other natural health products discovered?

Many Chinese believe tea comes from China where it was an antidote for poisonous herbs and made famous in this way by Emperor Shen-Nong, who was fascinated with herbs and regularly tested herbs while looking for new medicines. Chinese believe his study was the beginning of herbal medicine.

But an almost identical story is found in the legends of Polynesia. There, these stories say, medicine men hunted for plants with properties for relieving or curing diseases and keeping the best health. Among the plants they found was the noni fruit, Morinda citrifolia.

But whatever the origins of this search for natural remedies and health foods, noni juice has blessed generations of people throughout the regions where it has grown.

Read more about the health benefits of Noni Juice here.


100% Pure Organic Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia). This is made from the fruit of the Morinda Citrifolia tree.  Life Health Noni Juice is just pure 100% organic juice – no preservatives or additives, nor any plant material. It is processed in the traditional way – the fruit is harvested, washed and graded, then placed in a barrel for a minimum of 6 weeks. Once the juice is released from the fruit, both fruit and juice are placed in a centrifugal pump where the juice is pasteurised to the minimum time / temperature required to kill any bacteria, while at the same time retaining the health properties of the juice. Life Health Noni Juice is from the islands of the South Pacific and is bottled in New Zealand.  No added preservatives, colours, sugars or flavours. Certified Organic Biogro #5376


Keep out of reach of Children.  Read all of the info in the dosage instructions.

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