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Magnesium Sustained Release 60 Tablets

Slow release magnesium

Good Health Magnesium Sustained Release. Slow release magnesium. High strength marine magnesium. Supports quality sleep. Soothes nervous tension and stress. Specifically designed to slowly release magnesium over 8 hours, allowing your body to properly absorb and utilise the magnesium as it needs it, without any negative digestive effects. Aquamin magnesium.  Also contains Vitamin B6 and 150IU Vitamin D.  Oxide free.  Suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 60 Tablets

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Good Health


60 Tablets

Common Uses

Good Health Magnesium Sustained Release:

  • Nervous tension
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Supports muscle relaxation
  • Tight & stiff muscles
  • Athletes – supports physical performance & recovery
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Releases slowly over approximately 8 hours for continuous benefits
  • Supports absorption & activity
  • Ideal for sensitive systems as magnesium slowly passes through the GI trac

Suggested Dosage

Adults: Take 1 tablet daily or as professionally advised

Health Information

Good Health Magnesium Sustained Release - slow release marine magnesium to help you through the day.

Magnesium Sustained Release is a unique product, specifically designed to slowly release magnesium in your body over approximately 8 hours, allowing your body to properly absorb and utilise magnesium as it needs it.

Magnesium Sustained Release is a high strength magnesium formula that is made from Aquamin Mg. Aquamin Mg is marine sourced magnesium, derived from seawater and so it naturally contains many other trace minerals too. This natural marine form makes it easily utilised in the body.

Magnesium Sustained Release is ideal for people who have more sensitive systems or for those who prefer magnesium to be released into their body throughout the day. It is ideal for soothing nervous tension and stress right throughout the day or for supporting sleep right throughout the night.


Per tablet: Marine magnesium (Aquamin) 500mg, Pyridoxine (Vitamin b6) 30mg, Cholecalciferol 3.75mcg, Equivalent Vitamin D 150IU.  No artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.  No added gluten, dairy, soy, egg or wheat.

ŒMarine magnesium, Aquamin Mg, is derived naturally from the Irish sea and contains 72 additional trace minerals. Aquamin¬Ā is a trademark of Marigot Ltd.


Keep out of the reach of children. Contraindications: Kidney disease and renal failure. Take 2 hours away from antibiotics. SAFE to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Good Health



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