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Ketone Test Strips

100 Ketone Test Strips

Smackfat Ketone Test Strips. If you are following a ketogenic fat loss program, then testing your urine to see the level of ketones you are releasing is not only rewarding, but also shows you that you are on the right track, with the amount of carbohydrates you are or are not eating.  Simply test your ketone levels, via your urine with a keto stick, to know if an adjustment is needed, or if you are in fact in a Fat buring state.  100 Ketone Test Strips

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Smack Fat


100 test strips

Common Uses

Smackfat tell us about their Ketone Test Strips and their intended use:

Smackfat Ketone Test Strips for Urinalysis are a fast and convenient way to measure the ketone production in urine. 

Ketones in the urine test strip, informs the status of carbohydrates and fat metabolism. 

The test is based on the chemical reaction of acetoacetic acid (Ketones) and sodium nitroprusside in a basic medium

Suggested Dosage

Material Provided:

1.  100 Test Strips in a container

2.  A Visual comparison colour chart for reading test results is printed in both the bottle and on the box.

Material required but not provided:

1.  Clean, dry container for urine collection

Setup Instructions:

Work areas and specimen containers should be free of contaminating substances.  Collect urine in a clean container and test as soon as possible.  If testing cannot be performed within 1 hour, refrigerate the specimen immediately.  Allow refrigerated specimen to return to room temperature before testing.

Test procedure:

1.  Remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately.

2.  Immerse the reagent area of the strip in the urine specimine and leave the strip in the urine for at least 40 seconds

3.  Wipe off excess urine against the rim of the urine container.

Read the results carefully within 40 seconds in good light and with the test area held near the appropriate colour chart on the bottle label.  Changes in colour appear only along the edges of the test pads or after more than 2 minutes have passed, are of no diagnostic significance. Rresults

Results with Ketone Test Strips are reported as qualitative values, by comparing the colour of the test strip to the colour chart and matching it with the closest colour chart.

Reading the results:

When a strip is dipped in urine, the test area changes colour according to the amount of ketone present in the urine.  The developing colour of the test area is compared to the colour blocks on the colour chart after specified.





100 Reagent Test Strips. (Based on dry weight at time of impregnation) Ketone: 7.1%W/W Sodium nitroprusside, 92.2%W/W buffer


Keep out of reach of Children. Store at room temperatures between 2C-20C.  Keep away from refrigerators or direct sunlight.  Isolated from damp, light or high temperature to preserve the reaction activity of the reagent.  Do not touch the test areas of the reagent strip.

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