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Bio-Strath Tablets

Suitable for vegans

Bio-Strath Vegan Herbal Yeast Tablets. The high-quality Strath herbal yeast, a complex mix of natural ingredients with valuable herbal constituents, has many positive effects on the metabolism. The complex nature of the numerous constituents means that a specific active ingredient, such as iron, becomes more bioavailable and can be better taken up by the body than if it were taken alone. With a ton of research to back this product up, it is the perfect addition to a natural health regime. 2 tablets provide the same amount of Bio-Strath as found in 1 teapsoon of Bio-Strath liquid.  100 vegan tablets

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100 Tablets

Common Uses

Bio-Strath 100% natural, herbal yeast-based products

Free from artificially produced flavourings and sweeteners
No preservatives
No artificially produced colourings
No genetically modified organisms

Strath products are based on a specially produced herbal yeast and contain 61 vital substances:
11 vitamins
19 minerals / trace elements
 20 amino acids
 11 other building substances

Because these remain in their natural state, they are very accessible for uptake by the body and also promote the absorption of other vital substances, such as those taken in the diet.

Suggested Dosage


Adults (adolescents from 12 years):  Take 2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day with water before meals.

Children 6-12:  Take 1 tablets 2 to 3 times a day with water before meals.

We recommend a course of treatment of at least two months but taking the products all year round is completely safe. Strath may be combined with vital substance products and food supplements.


How soon will you notice an effect when taking Strath Herbal Yeast?

Strath usually recommend that you take it for 2-3 months. But feedback from customers has shown that a positive change may be noticed after as little as 2-3 days if you take it regularly, depending on your physical condition.

Strath Herbal Yeast can also be taken all year round without problems, since habituation and overdose are not possible.

Health Information

About Herbal Yeast, from Bio-Strath

Bio-Strath AG uses the "Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meyen" yeast type in the production of its natural Strath products. This yeast already contains many essential vital substances in itself.

In the gentle, biological Strath process, yeast cells are combined with selected herbal extracts as they multiply. The uptake and integration of the herbal active substances into the yeast cells creates the unique Strath herbal yeast. In a subsequent processing step, the yeast cells are naturally opened up or liquefied.


This process, known as plasmolysis, is required so that the human body can take up the valuable constituents of Strath herbal yeast (bioavailability). The production process takes about 2 months in total.

Analysis of Bio-Strath

The raw materials used for Strath are left in their natural state and supply more than 61 vital substances. These are present in biological equilibrium and are supplied in a natural manner so as to ensure optimum absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bio-Strath and food allergies/intolerances

Q:  I suffer from a lot of allergies. Can I take Strath?

A:  Yes.  Strath Herbal Yeast products are free from artificially produced sweeteners, preservatives, colourings and flavourings, genetically modified ingredients and lactose.  These substances are often responsible for triggering allergies.

Q:  Can I take Strath Herbal Yeast products as a vegetarian?

A: Yes.  All the presentation forms of the Strath products are of plant origin and thus suitable for vegetarians.

Q: I am a diabetic. Can I take Strath?

A: Yes.  The sugar-free Strath Tablets are ideal.  Strath Convalescence Drops do not contain sugar either.  The liquid product contains dextrose (glucose) and fruit sugar (fructose), but no white sugar (sucrose).

Q: I suffer from coeliac disease. Can I take Strath?

A:  Yes.  Strath Herbal Yeast Tablets are gluten-free.  Strath Convalescence Drops do not contain any gluten either.  BUT the Strath Herbal Yeast in liquid form contains malt extract from barley, which does contain gluten.

Q: I have a lactose allergy. Am I allowed to take Strath products?

A:  Yes.  All Strath products are lactose-free.
Q:  My diet is entirely kosher. Am I allowed to take Strath?

A: Yes.  We have our Strath Herbal Yeast products and Strath Convalescence Drops tested regularly by Rabbi I.M. Levinger, Basel (Switzerland).
Q: I have heard that any yeast products should be avoided if you have a Candida infection (fungal infection). Can I take Strath anyway?

A:  Yes.  Because the Strath products contain plasmolysed (opened up) yeast cells and not live yeast. This means that the yeast fungus cannot reproduce.

All Strath Herbal Yeast products are 100% natural and free from artificially manufactured substances. They contain no doping substances.

Q: As an athlete, can I take Strath before and during competitions without worrying?

A: Yes. All Strath Herbal Yeast products are 100% natural and free from artificially manufactured substances. They contain no doping substances.


Ingredients: 89% dried plasmolysed herbal yeast, 6% maize starch, 2.5% cellulose, 2% pectin, 0.5% silicon dioxide. 


Keep out of reach of Children.  There are no known side effects from taking Bio-Strath products.
Tolerability is very good. In the event of digestive problems, which occur in rare cases, Strath recommend temporarily reducing the dose and taking the product diluted in a little liquid (fruit or vegetable juice).

Other Recommendations

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