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Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin

Use in Regular & Dietetic Recipes

Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin Collagen Joint Care. Pure Protein. Beef Hide Gelatin. Type B. Unflavoured. Gelatin is an excellent source of protein.  There are no plant sources of gelatin. This Great Lakes Beef hide gelatin has all the same benefits as the hydrolysate. Gelatin will clump up in cold liquids. It is recommended to either dissolve in hot liquid or room temperature liquids which allows product to dissolve or swell. From grass fed cattle from Brazil and Argentina. There are 38 serves in this container, of 12 grams. Has all of the same benefits as hydrolysate. Gluten free. For use in regular and dietetic recipes. 1 tbls gels 600ml of liquid. 454 grams

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Great Lakes


454 grams

Common Uses

Great Lakes Beef Hide Gelatin

  • Kosher
  • Unflavoured gelatin
  • An excellent source of protein
  • Type B Gelatin from Kosher Beef Hide
  • Collagen Joint Care

Suggested Dosage

The recommended dosage is two level tablespoons before or during breakfast and one before or during dinner.  to help curb appetite, take before meals.

Method 1: Room temperature liquids:  Pour one tablespoon into a glass of your favourite juice or drink.  Allow to soak for one minute while stirring, then drink.

Method 2: Hot Liquids:  Add one tablespoon of cold liquid for one minute.  Add HOT liquid and stir until dissolved.

Method 3: Cold or hot cereals: Add one tablespoon to bowl of hot or cold cereal and mix completely.

One tablespoon gels 600ml of liquid.

Health Information

Facts and Common Misconceptions about Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin

1. Our Gelatin and Hydrolysate contains no MSG.      
Some believe that Glutamic acid or Mono sodium glutamate is contained in gelatin. This is simply not the case. Read our more scientific explanation here.

Gelatin is a hot water soluble protein extracted from collagen.  Individual collagen monomeric proteins have molecular weights of between 95,000 and 125,000 Daltons.  These proteins assemble into fibers which are massive aggregates and do not have defined molecular weights.  To make gelatin, collagen rich materials (mostly bovine hide or porcine skins) are cleaned and treated with dilute alkaline, or acid and heat to denature (untangle) the collagen into hot water-soluble proteins.  The extract is purified and dried to form the gelatin powder. 

Essentially, gelatin is thermally denatured (melted) form of collagen that makes the proteins soluble in hot water.  Collagen and by inference the gelatin proteins contains approximately 11% glutamic acid as part of the protein chains (not free glutamate).  As a matter of fact, gelatin is rather low in glutamic acid content compared with other common food proteins.

Glutamic acid as part of protein chains is not considered a problem for MSG sensitive individuals.

2. Our products are all gluten free.      

Gelatin and related products from Great lakes Gelatin are totally free from gluten. Glutens are the proteins found in wheat, barley and rye flours (all Triticeae plants). Wheat glutens are a problem for a small group of individuals who have allergies to these proteins (primarily for persons suffering from celiac disease). Glutens are plant derived proteins. Gelatin is produced entirely from animals and contains absolutely no gluten.

3. Gelatin is a natural occurring protein.      

The raw material used for production of gelatin is the naturally occurring protein collagen which is commercially sourced from the meat industry from healthy animals designated for human consumption. Each stage of the manufacturing process is rigorously controlled in modern laboratories to ensure purity and quality. The process of converting collagen into gelatin involves several cleansing and purification steps. The end result is an off white dry powder of the utmost purity.

4. How much should I take?      

We recommend one to two servings per day depending on your diet, activity level and need. One serving in the morning and one later in the day is best. Any excess protein will simply flush out of the body without any issues to you.

5. How should I take Hydrolysate?      

Because it can be mixed into hot or cold foods, you can mix it in drinks, cereals, oatmeal, or any other foods that you regularly enjoy. Taking it for six to eight weeks should begin to show improvement.

6. How is collagen hydrolysate different from regular gelatin?      

Collagen hydrolysate differs from regular gelatin as it will dissolve in cold, warm or hot liquids and will not congeal. This allows the consumer more options to take the supplement.

7. Why doesn't collagen hydrolysate gel or congeal?      

It will not congeal because it has been hydrolyzed for quick assimilation into the body and improved hydration to the connective tissues.


Kosher Beef Hide Gelatin


Keep out of reach of Children.  Storage: Gelatin should be stored in a cool, dry place. This product has an indefinite shelf life. If necessary, you may retest the product every 5 years. Use good manufacturing practices.



Great Lakes



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