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Brain Magnesium

Promotes Healthy Memory Function

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Doctor's Best Brain Magnesium contains Magnesium L-Threonate from Magtein®, a unique magnesium compound that helps support the health of neurons and synaptic plasticity. Magtein® helps support health levels of magnesium essential for brain connections (synapses) that faciliate learning, memory, concentration , and all other cognitive functions. Magtein® performs better than other magnesium compounds for synapse support and is a breakthrough for brain health.

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Doctor's Best


90 Vegicaps

Common Uses

Doctor's best Brain Magnesium - Magnesium l-threonate (Magtein™):

  • Unique delivery of magnesium into the brain
  • Vital for memory, learning and concentration
  • Promotes stability and adaptability of brain connections (synapses) that facilitate learning, memory, attention and all other brain functions
  • Supports mood and other aspects of cognitive health
  • Slows down age related memory decline

Suggested Dosage

Adults: Take 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules two hours before bedtime, or as recommended by your healthcare professional

Health Information

Information on Doctor's Best Brain Magnesium.

Unique delivery of magnesium into the brain

The Magtein magnesium-L-threonate (MgT) in Best Brain Magnesium, in contrast to other magnesium compounds, has been shown to effectively raise magnesium levels in the brain, according to animal research carried out with MgT.

The researchers who discovered the advantages of increased brain magnesium on memory in rats first had to figure out which oral form of magnesium would best be able to elevate brain magnesium.

They used four commercially available Mg2+ compounds (Mg2+ is the most abundant divalent cation, or positively charged ion, in living cells) and developed two new preparations, one of which was MgT. Of the six forms studied, only two had higher bioavailability—and of those two, only MgT was able to enhance memory.

Promotes stability and adaptability of synapses

Magnesium is a cofactor for numerous enzymes that control nerve cell functions and synapse integrity. Synapses are the points where nerve cells make close contact with each other via their cell membranes to exchange information. The movements of ions such as Mg2+ across the nerve cell membranes can change as we age, adversely affecting cellular excitability, chemical transmitter release, and synaptic plasticity (synapse adaptability).

The ability to store new information in nerve cell networks depends on the density and strength of the synapses, and their capacity to adapt to changing information inputs (synaptic plasticity).

Additionally, loss of synapse density is correlated with age-dependent memory decline in rats. Numerous animal trials have been performed to measure the effect of magnesium-L-threonate on cognitive outcomes. In a recent investigation, feeding MgT to raise brain magnesium led to significant enhancement of spatial and associative memory in both young and old rats.

Help with age related memory decline

Memory and learning decline with age, yet magnesium-L-threonate has been shown to slow this decline in mice. At the cellular level, MgT supported the integrity of synapses in the hippocampus, frontal cortex, and other regions of the brain. Magnesium-L-threonate hasn’t yet completed a clinical trial, but human studies have evaluated the effects of magnesium on human memory performance.

For example, in a study of 71 men and women higher blood levels of magnesium were associated with superior cognitive function, as measured by clinical ratings and scales.


Each 1 veggies cap provides: Magnesium 50mg, from Magnesium l-threonate (Magtein™).  Other ingredients: Modified cellulose, ascorbyl palmitate. Gluten free, vegan, Non-GMO


Keep out of reach of Children.  Store in a cool dry place.

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Doctor's Best



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