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Broccoli Sprouts

Organic Broccoli Sprouts in a Capsule

DNH Broccoli Sprouts Powder. Australian Certified Organic. Produces Sulforaphane. Rich in antioxidants. We all know about the importance of eating a diet rich in vegetables from the brassica family, especially for helping with better breast and liver health. Broccoli sprouts provide the highest concentration of glucoraphanin and myrosinase, two potent super nutrients which are precursors of sulforaphane. Broccoli sprouts also support normal cell development and improve immune function. They are also rich in sulfur which helps cleanse and strengthen the blood, while providing a rich natural source of Vitamins A, C and K. Australian grown certified organic. Fast Absorption 100% Pure and Organic. 80 Vegecaps

Only two (2) bottles available.

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80 Vegicaps

Common Uses

The amazing benefits of consuming broccoli sprouts

  • Broccoli sprouts are a potent super nutrient that supports normal cell development and immune function.
  • Broccoli sprouts have great antioxidant activity and provide a natural source of Vitamins A, and K.
  • They are rich in sulphur which helps to cleanse and strengthen the blood.
  • Broccoli sprouts provide the densest source of sulforaphane – a potent super nutrient – more than any other cruciferous vegetable. Scientific studies have shown that sulforaphane has powerful anti-cancer properties.


Research published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research has found one of the primary phytochemicals in Broccoli, Sulforaphane, is able to isolate and destroy cancer cells while not damaging healthy cells.  Other anti-cancer agents found in broccoli include a plant chemical called glucosinolates, which are transformed by the body into sulforaphanes. 

Suggested Dosage

Take 2 capsules twice a day.

Health Information

This is what DNH have to tell us about their Broccoli Sprouts Powder

Broccoli Sprout Powder 80 vegecaps are made only from 100% pure vegetables with no “fillers”!

The Broccoli Sprouts are harvested and then powdered as 6-day old sprouts providing even more startling health benefits with their extra goodness.

The world is turning to Broccoli Sprouts as the new mega super food. These wondrous sprouts have been proven to have medicinal qualities to optimise daily functioning.

Broccoli Sprouts are growing in reputation as nature’s nutritional powerhouse as they are 20 times more nutritional than any other plant available in the world.

DNH has encapsulated this 100% pure and organic Broccoli Sprout Powder, now available in bottles of 80 vegecaps.

These are some of the facts DNH have to tell us about their product

– DNH Broccoli Sprout Powder Capsules have no additives, preservatives or artificial colours.

– DNH Broccoli Sprout Powder Capsules are Australian Certified Organic and is herbicide and pesticide free.

– DNH powder is proudly Australian made, ensuring the highest quality and standard of any powder anywhere in the world.

– None of the nutritional value is lost during the harvesting and freeze-drying process. This is because freeze-drying is a proven technique that has been around for decades. Only the water content and moisture is extracted, while all other nutrients and minerals remain.


100% Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder. Vegecap


Keep out of reach of Children.  In all cases of ill health, seek professional advice from your health care provider before self prescribing.  Seek professional advice before taking if you have an under active thyroid.

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