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ENZO Brain Recovery

enzo brain recovery capsules

ENZO Brain recovery.  Nutritional support for recovery of healthy brain function. Clinically tested. ENZO brain recovery provides the right dose levels of Enzogenol and DHA to effectively support healthy brain function.  Enzo Brain recovery will increase flavonoid intake substantially, which can help to prevent cognitive decline with age which is more severe in people consuming less flavonoids. As well as this, it can help to reduce cognitive failures common after brain injury. With 200mg of Enzogenol and 200 mg Ultra-pure DHA-rich Omega-3, with 167 mg Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) and 33 mg Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) per capsule. 75 Capsules

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75 Capsules

Common Uses

Enzogenol Brain Research.  Clinical studies have shown Enzogenol improves:

  • Brain Functions known to decline with age
  • Working Memory & Concentration
  • Recovery of Brain Function after Injury
  • Tension-type Brain Discomfort

Suggested Dosage

Dosage Recommendation
For Brain Recovery Support:
Adults: 5 capsules per day taken in one single dose for 3 months
Children: 2 capsules per day taken in one single dose for 3 months

For General Support:
Adults: 2-3 capsules per day
Children: 1 capsule per day

Health Information

Here is some information from Enzo Professional about their ENZO Brain recovery product

Press coverage of clinical trial on Enzogenol’s effects on recovery of brain function after TBI:

Pine bark may help memory (North Shore Times Dec, 8 2011)

“Ms Franks hit her head on a concrete floor resulting in loss of memory and vision in one eye. Since her accident Ms Franks has lost countless handbags because she forgets where she puts them. Her pantry was put in alphabetical order to help her find food and she has had to give up driving. “I would sit on the bus and burst into tears because I had no idea where I was going,” Ms Franks says. When taking the supplements Ms Franks noticed her memory returned. At the start of the study she was given a list of 20 shopping items to remember and she could only remember four items and at the end she could remember 19. ...

Memory loss is common following a brain injury, says Valey Feigin, who leads the team of researchers in the Auckland University of Technology study. “Many supplements claim health benefits, however this research is one of the very few evidence-based treatments,” Dr Feigin says

User comments about Enzogenol:

“This year I was able to try Enzogenol for a period of 6 weeks. After starting the course, I was free of migraine for a month. This represented my first migraine-free time for the past 6 years. Thanks so much, I continue to do really well on Enzogenol averaging only one migraine per 6 to 8 weeks, and they are milder.” Zoi Papatheodorou, Melbourne

Users comments about Enzogenol’s effects on brain functions:

“My ability to communicate, my memory and my concentration are all back to where they were before my head injury entirely thanks to the Enzogenol.” Ruth G, PhD, Tauranga

“My ability to concentrate and multi-task is hugely improved with the Enzogenol. Usually I take four caps in the morning, but taking another four in the afternoon I can sustain working all night.” Mike G, Head of School of Applied Technology, Tauranga

Paediatrician comment about Enzogenol:

“Enzogenol is a safe and effective alternative for children with hyperactivity & problems concentrating. I have noticed improvements in my patients within a few weeks of starting this potent antioxidant. Parents and teachers consistently report that the children are calmer and more focused. I recommend a trial of Enzogenol for any child with features of ADHD or autism.” Dr Leila Masson, biomedical paediatrician, Auckland


Each capsule contains: 200 mg ENZOGENOL, 200 mg Ultra-pure DHA-rich Omega-3 with 167 mg Docosahexanoic acid (DHA), 33 mg Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA).   Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerine, water, beeswax, natural vitamin E, mixed tocopherols, soybean lecithin.


Keep out of reach of Children. Store in a cool dry place.

Other Recommendations

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