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Probiotic Baby Drops

Essential beneficial bacteria for babies tummy

Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops with the clinically researched BB-12 Strain. 21 days use. Fridge free. Probiotic for healthy gut flora, tummy comfort, immune health. Healthy growth and development is dependent on optimal gastrointestinal health and function. BB-12 is a clinically researched, dairy free, acid resistant, shelf stable probiotic strain shown to support healthy populations of gut flora, tummy control and immunity in babies. Probitoics like BB-12, may be especially helpful for babies born by caesarean, those with tummy troubles, immune issues or those taking antibiotics. Each 6 drops contain 1 billion CFU of Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12, in a base of sunflower and vitamin E oil and citric acid. 100% vegetarian. 21 days use. Suitable for babies from birth. 8ml Liquid suspension.

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8 ml

Common Uses

Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops

  • For healthy gut flora, tummy comfort and immune health
  • Clinically researched strain BB-12
  • Dairy Free
  • Shelf stable
  • Probiotic are especially helpful for caesarean born babies

Suggested Dosage

Shake well and administer six drops once a day, directly into the mouth, in breastmilk or in formula.  Suitable for babies from birth.

Use product within 4 weeks of opening.  Product may settle. 

Health Information

This is what Radiance have to tell us about their Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops

The infant digestive system

It was once thought that the digestive system of unborn infants is sterile. However, recent research suggests that microbial colonisation of the gut begins when the unborn baby swallows amniotic fluid containing microflora from the mother’s gut. Unfortunately if the mother’s flora is imbalanced due to poor diet, stress or antibiotic use this will be passed on to the infant before he or she is even born.

Microbial gut colonisation is very heavily influenced by the method of delivery, with vaginal delivery resulting in significantly faster and more diverse beneficial micro flora colonisation. Conversely infants born by caesarean are slower to colonise and have higher populations of pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium. Early composition of gut flora is known to impact not only on digestive comfort and function in infants but also on the development of the immune system.

Another factor in the development of a baby’s gut flora is whether a mother breast feeds or bottle feeds her infant. Babies that are breastfed receive beneficial flora present on the skin, and in milk, while breast milk itself promotes beneficial flora growth. Breastfeeding has been widely studied and shown to provide far reaching benefits for the infant both for immediate and long-term health. On the other hand the microflora makeup of infants fed with formula is more likely to have less of the beneficial Bifidobacterium species and more of the other more pathogenic environmental species.

What happens if baby doesn’t get good flora?

Beneficial gut flora promotes healthy gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infections, aids nutrient absorption and helps to train and develop little immune systems. Poor gut flora in infants, whether it be from unbalanced maternal gut flora, caesarean birth, formula feeding or other factors has consistently been linked to higher risk of gut disturbance and discomfort, immune issues and a higher risk for wheezy lungs and itchy skin.

In reality, there will always be caesarean births and mothers that cannot or do not wish to breastfeed. There will also always be mums that have poor diets, are stressed or have taken antibiotics. For this reason there will always be babies that have disordered gut flora and the potential for gastrointestinal and immune dysfunction.

That’s why Radiance, in conjunction with Chr. Hansen®, the world leaders in probiotics, developed Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops to help support the growth and development of beneficial gut flora populations, even through adversity!

Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops provide Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12®, a well-documented, stable and effective, dairy-free probiotic with proven safety, manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.

Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops with BB-12® are clinically shown to support:

• healthy gut flora populations in infants who are born by caesarean
• healthy stool consistency and frequency
• healthy resistance to tummy bugs
• babies with tummy troubles and irritability
• healthy immune development and function
• healthy resistance to ills and chills
• a balanced immune response
• a favourable environment for the absorption of nutrients

Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops provides the clinically researched, infant dose of BB-12® in an easy to use, fridge free, oil drop format. Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops do not contain any superfluous ingredients such as silicon dioxide, sweeteners or flavours and uses only vitamin E and citric acid as preservatives.

While Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops are a great support for you and your baby, there are other diet and lifestyle tips that can help to keep your baby healthy and happy.

• Eat well during pregnancy and take a probiotic as it is now thought that the initial inoculation with flora comes from the amniotic fluid, so make sure that mum is eating good wholesome foods and correct any flora disturbances with a good probiotic like Natures Way Primadophilus

• After baby is born request immediate skin-to-skin contact and keep mum and bub together. Studies have shown that babies who are kept in contact with their mums following birth are colonized with her microflora, while babies cared for by hospital staff may be colonized by bacteria prevalent in hospitals.

• Exclusively breastfeed your baby for six months if you are able, as breast milk is easily digested and supplies all the nutrition a baby of this age requires. Breast milk also acts as a prebiotic supporting the growth of beneficial gut flora for healthy tummy and immune system function.

• If breast milk is slow or in low supply enlist the help of your midwife, lactation consultant or other health professional to ensure your baby is latching on and all other issues are addressed, including ensuring adequate hydration. Supplementing with Radiance® Fenugreek can help to support healthy breast milk flow too.

• Make sure mum eats a nutritious diet while breastfeeding as the makeup of breast milk is impacted on by dietary intake. Maximise the intake of essential fatty acids from nuts, seeds, eggs and fish as enhancing the fatty acid profile of breast milk is very important to support brain and eye development in infants and toddlers during this high growth period.

• If you think something you are eating is upsetting baby keep a log of what you’re eating and how your baby is behaving. Watch sleeping, fussy periods, nappy content and frequency, rashes, and anything else that raises a question for you. If you are concerned, contact your health professional.

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs and nicotine while breastfeeding as these substances can cross the blood/breast barrier and make their way into breast milk. Check whether your supplements and medications are appropriate for use during breastfeeding.

• Burp your baby after feeding as many babies swallow excess air during feeding which can lead to fussiness, gas and symptoms of discomfort. If you are unsure about what to do enlist the help of your midwife, plunket nurse or other health professional.

• Start solids slowly when baby is ready, offer 1–2 teaspoons of smooth, runny, slightly warm solids, once a day. They may not like certain flavours and textures at first but reoffer them a few days later- there may be 10 yucks to one yum! If you are unsure whether your baby is ready for solids, contact your health professional.

• Take some time out for you, as being with a small baby day in and day out can be tiring, especially if baby is irritable and does not sleep well. Ask for help from friends and relatives and take some time out to regroup and relax, if only for an hour or two.

• Try Radiance Probiotic Baby Drops if your baby has had to have antibiotics, was caesarean born, is not breastfed, has poor immune function, tummy discomfort, irregular bowel motions, itchy scratchy skin or is irritable.


Each 6 drops contains: Probio-Tec 1 Billion CFU (Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12) 100% vegetarian, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E and Citric Acid.

Use product within 4 weeks of opening.  Product may settle. 


Keep out of reach of Children.  Close lid tightly. Store in a cool, dry place.  Please recycle.






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