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Facial Hair Removal Gel

4-6 Weeks Hair Free

Bodeze Facial Sugaring Gel. 4-6 weeks hair free. All natural triple action facial hair removal gel with antioxidants.  Washes away with water. Bodeze facial gel has been specially formulated with watermelon extract and antioxidants to protect and enliven your complexion.  The fresh watermelon fragrance will indulge your senses.  The warm gel opens the pores, making hair removal effective and effortless. This pack contains a 150 gram hair removal gel, 12 (approx) hair removal strips, 3 disposable eyebrow applicators, 1 exfoliating cloth and your instruction leaflet. 1 pack

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1 Pack

Common Uses

This natural formulation, free from any harsh additives, is specifically for removing hair from the eye brows, upper lip and chin. The facial hair can be as short as 2mm. The same strip can be reused approximately 4 times, each time applying a thin layer of gel. It removes hair from the roots lasting from 4-6 weeks before significant re growth of hair is noticed.

Suggested Dosage

Warm the gel slightly on the stove or microwave (as per instruction leaflet).

1.  Apply a thin coat of gel in the direction of hair growth.

2.  Place strip over gel and press firmly down in the direction of hair growth.

3.  Hold skin taut and pull strip off in one quick action in the direction OPPOSITE to hair growth.

Skin and hair removal strips can be rinsed in warm water. The warm gel opens the pores, making hair removal effective and effortless. The facial bar has watermelon extract and coconut to refresh and revitalise your complexion.

Health Information

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a process that probably developed in and around Egypt. It involved the making of sticky, taffy like paste from natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon and water. The substance is warmed slightly and then spread thinly and evenly on the skin in the direction of hair growth. A cotton or muslin strip is then pressed down on the substance. The strip is then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction to the hair growth.

Sugaring has seen a resurgence in recent times primarily due to the fact that: BodEze Body Sugaring Gel has enhanced the age old tradition of Sugaring with the addition of Kiwifruit and Aloe Vera. It has been formulated as a warm gel to open the pores to make hair removal effective and effortless. The gel is an all body formulation and combined with the innovative BodEze strips removes hair by the roots with minimal discomfort, for smooth hair free skin lasting from 4-6 weeks. The fresh fragrances will delight and invigorate your senses while the antioxidant will protect your skin against the effects of oxidation.

BodEze gel is specially formulated to stay luxuriously smooth and spreadable right down to the bottom of the jar. Triple Action Gel: The unique combination of Lemon, Aloe Vera and Kiwifruit, will keep your skin looking smooth, radiant and moisturised. Lemon has astringent properties which tighten your skin making hair removal easier and less painful. Aloe Vera has moisturising properties to nourish and enhance your skin. Kiwifruit is high in vitamin C and antioxidants to protect your skin.

BodEze Hair Removal Strips……Forget the rags!! Hygienic/ instantly reusable/ no drying time/ disposable. The innovative BodEze Hair Removal Strips are non porous making hair removal effortless with a minimum level of discomfort. Due to the non-porous nature of the strips there is no seepage and pulling of fibres. The strips can be disposed of by rolling them up with the gel on the insides so that no seepage occurs, or they can be instantly reused by washing them in warm water with detergent and by wiping them dry on a towel. While BodEze strips can be used with other waxes and gels, for best results use with BodEze Body Sugaring Gel.


Ingredients: Sugar, purified water, kiwifruit nectar, aloe vera extract, citric acid, watermelon extract, lemon juice, fragrance, mica, FD&C Red#3.

Pack Contains: 150g Facial gel formula, 30 (approx) hair removal strips, 3 disposable/ reusable spatulas, 3 disposable eyebrow applicators and instruction leaflet.


Keep out of reach of Children. Skin Reactions if using the product for the 1st time, patch test on a small area of skin and wait for 24 hours. Do not use the gel is you are using a glycolic acid or other acid peel treatment.






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