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Sabun Olive Oil Soap

Traditional Syrian Soap

Sabun Olive Oil Soap with Bay Laurel Oil. Sabun (pronounded sar boon) olive oil soap, also known in French as Savon d'Alep originates from Aleppo Syria. It is widely considered to be the first olive oil soap ever made. This 100% natural handmade soap is made from a closely guarded recipe that has been handed down for generations. The soap has been in the Middle east for centuries. Each bar takes almost 1 year to make, as the soap is left to dry for 9 months producing a naturally moisturising bar. The mositurising and antioxidant properties of olive oil and antibacterial benefits of bay laurel make it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. In the middle east, it is recommended for dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions. Sabun can be used on the face, for shaving and is completely safe for babies skin. It contains no palm oil, animal ingredients, perfumes, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Contains saponified olive oil, bay laurel oil, spring water and salt. Never tested on animals. Vegan. 175-200 gram bar (hand cut, so they are not all exactly the same size, but are within this size range)

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175-200 gram bar

Common Uses

Ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

  • In the Middle East Sabun is recommended for dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions.
  • Sabun can be used on the face, for shaving, to wash the hair and the body.
  • Sabun is completely safe for babies skin.
  • Sabun is not drying like other soaps and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin and for eczema and psoriasis.
  • It can be used for face, hair and all over the body. It can also be used for washing clothes as is very gentle.

Suggested Dosage

Use as you would any other soap.  Sabun can also be used for shaving, in both men and women and also for washing the hair, as well as the body. 

Leanne cuts her bar in quarters, to make it last longer and only uses quarter at a time.

Health Information

The Sabun Story.  Sabun Traditional - The original olive oil soap .....

Sabun Olive and Laurel oil soap is a totally natural soap which has been produced for centuries in the Middle East and is still used in the Hammams (traditional bathhouses) today.

In fact Sabun Olive and Laurel soap from Syria is believed to be the first Olive oil soap which was later introduced to Europe through the trade routes.

Sabun Olive and laurel oil soap has endured centuries without change to its ingredients and is still produced by traditional methods.

The benefits of Sabun Soap

Traditionally this soap has been recommended for many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and dandruff due to the ingredients and their benefits.

The high Olive oil content of Sabun (more than 80%) forms an invisible, non-greasy, breathable skin barrier that does not block the skins pores while also serving as a humectant drawing moisture to the skin.

Medicinally, olive oil is anti-inflammatory, making it a good skincare oil for sensitive or irritated skin.

The humectant (moisture-drawing) quality of sabun makes it useful in the treatment of chronic dry skin. It has some natural disinfectant properties and also tends to rev up cellular activity, making it useful in assisting the skin's healing processes.

Laurel Oil (oil of bay laurel berry) is also a natural ingredient which is antibacterial so helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Sabun Olive and Laurel oil soap can be used all over the body including face and hair as it is so mild and is excellent to use for shaving with as it leaves the skin thoroughly moisturized. It is also suitable for babies and young children.

Sabun Soap.  Handmade by Traditional Methods....

Pure Sabun Olive and Laurel oil traditional and rose soap can only be produced in the cold months in Syria . It is manufactured using a simple process which has remained unchanged for centuries.

Olive oil is mixed in large cauldrons with an aqueous solution of soda ash. The mixture is heated to more than 200 degrees and is stirred until the oil fully decomposes yielding glycerine and the sodium salt of olive oil - this is called saponification. Towards the end of the initial process laurel oil is added to the mixture .

The soda solution is drained from the cauldron and the soap mixture is rinsed with fresh spring water to get rid of the soda until it is tested free of alkalinity. It is then literally tasted by the master soap maker.

The warm soap paste, light green in colour is spread over the floor and left for several hours to harden. By the use of a manual cutting machine the raw soap is cut into cubes and stamped with the manufacturers name and the quality of the soap.

Before being sold the soap needs a period of 6 - 9 months to fully dry to get rid of excess water content. During this aging process the soap is stored in piles in specially aerated rooms. During this time the soap forms a rich brown crust on the exterior. The proof that no preservatives are added to the soap.

During the aging process the soap reduces by 95% in weight as the water content decreases leaving a hard soap full of oils which floats in the bath.

This is a stack of Sabun Soap drying.

Sabun Stack.  This is a stack of Sabun Soap drying.


Saponified olive oil (sodium olivate), bay laurel oil, spring water, salt.  No perfumes, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Keep out of reach of Children.





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