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Mountain Red Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet Antler Capsules

Mountain Red Deer Velvet. Each capsule contains only 100% natural superior quality full tip New Zealand Deer Velvet antler - Nothing else! No fillers (like carob). There has been significant research both in New Zealand and overseas on the benefits of deer velvet. Deer velvet has been shown to offer support for athletic performance, assist in recovery from injury, aid in healthy joint function, aid in flexibility and mobility, help with immune function, help with blood health, support for growth and help with fatigue. Mountain Red Deer Velvet contains these naturally occurring bioactives - Proteins, Amino acids, Collagen (Type I,II,III, IV), Lipids, Minerals, Growth Factors (IGF-1 /IGF-2), Glycosaminoglycans (Glucosamine and Chondroitin). Strict adherence to humane removal methods ensuring that no animal is harmed during the harvesting process of Mountain Red Deer Velvet. Every 500mg of freeze dried Deer Velvet Antler powder is equivalent to > 1500mg Velvet Antler. 500mg Capsules

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Mountain Red


60 Capsules

Common Uses

Velvet Antler Research NZ (VARNZ) has been significant research in New Zealand and overseas on the benefit of velvet to:

Support for athletic performance (Broeder et al)
Aids in healthy joint function (Moreau etal)
Helps with immune function (primary use in Asia)
Helps with blood health (important use in Asia)
Support for growth (rapidly emerging market)
Anti-fatigue (most recognised functional claim in China)

Mountain Red Deer Velvet is suitable for you, if you are seeking a 100% natural New Zealand product to:

  • Assist with good joint care and support mobility
  • Support healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health
  • Help maintain a healthy cholesterol balance
  • Maintain the body's general well being
  • Strengthen the body's natural immune system in order to support against seasonal ills
  • Improve the body's strength, stamina and athletic performance
  • Help reduce the effects of ageing
  • Provide a natural source of protein, amino acids, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin & omega -3
  • Provide a natural source of IGF-1

Every 500mg of Mountain Red freeze dried Deer Velvet Antler powder is equivalent to > 1500mg Velvet Antler.

Suggested Dosage

Adult Dosage: It is suggested that 2 capsules be taken for the first two weeks and one capsule daily following this. Simply swallow with a glass of water. Mountain Red Deer Velvet is not compromised by food and may be taken at mealtimes.

Does deer velvet take time to be effective?
Individual results will vary dependent upon many factors, and for the type of health benefit being sought. It is usual to see a response in around three weeks

Is deer velvet safe? What about people taking prescription medicines?
Pure Deer Velvet has been widely used for over 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is widely used to this day in China, Korea, Japan, and Russia.

Whilst there are no reported interactions with prescription medications, as is common with all dietary supplements, it is recommended that anyone taking prescription medication or who may suffer from an acute or chronic health condition should consult with their health care professional before using this product if they are at all concerned

Health Information

Here is some information about Mountain Red Deer Velvet and What it contains

The Composition of Mountain Red Deer Velvet - Made by Nature, supported by Science

There are over 396 active ingredients contained in Mountain Red Deer Velvet that include a variety of Proteins, Lipids, Minerals, Trace Elements, Growth Factors, Growth Hormones, and Glycosaminoglycans. Here is some information about these components

The main structural part in cells that aid tissue growth and repair.

Amino Acids
Deer Velvet contains the 20 standard amino acids including eight essential amino acids that we cannot synthesize within the body and need to obtain from other sources. Amino Acids are the essential building blocks of the body.

Is the main protein of connective tissue within the body widely recognised for the promotion of healthily skin and hair. It is also the vital structural protein component of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage, providing elasticity. Collagen provides the body with shock absorbing properties and is the major framework that holds the cells together. Collagen is required for the synthesis of joint cartilage and for the repair of tissue damage.

Essential for cell growth and energy storage. Lipids build cell components and boost energy levels to enhance cellular activities. Deer Velvet contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFAÕs) that cannot be constructed within the body so must be obtained externally. There are two families of EFAÕs, Omega -3 and Omega -6; both are contained in Mountain Red Deer Velvet.

Minerals/Trace Elements
Deer Velvet contains a variety of beneficial minerals and trace elements

IGF 1 and IGF 2
Naturally occurring substances required for cellular growth and the regulation of a variety of cellular processes. Deer Velvet contains both IGF 1 and IGF 2. IGF 1 supports tissue growth, organ health, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and has been shown to support muscle growth, the regeneration of nerve tissue and encourage the absorption of Chondroitin Sulphate and Glucosamine Sulphate. IGF 2 supports tissue growth and the development and function of the organs such as the brain, liver and kidney.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are combinations of proteins and sugars found in a variety of tissues, blood plasma, joints, and the mucosal (mucous membrane) lining of a variety of organs, including the gastrointestinal tract and the bladder.

An amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body and is a major basic nutrient used in the production, maintenance and repair of joint structures including cartilage, bone, tendon, ligaments and joint fluids. It is also a component of synovial fluid, which lubricates and serves as a shock absorber for the joints. Glucosamine supports the repair of damaged cartilage, building new cartilage, cushioning joints, and joint mobility and flexibility.

Extremely potent joint mobility agent. Chondroitin gives cartilage elasticity and helps prevent the destruction of cartilage by enzymes.

Are chemical regulators produced in all tissues that support nerve conduction and cellular health, and maintain tissues such as the lining of the stomach, supporting blood clotting and involved in the stimulation of cells into action.

In order to repair the structural damage caused by free radicals, pathogens and toxins, your body requires a constant supply of phospholipids. Mountain Red Deer Velvet provides essential phospholipids not synthesised by the body.


Mountain Red Deer Velvet contains only 100% natural superior quality full tip New Zealand Deer Velvet antler. Each capsule contains 500mg of 100% pure sustainably harvested deer antler velvet. Mountain Red Deer Velvet capsules are free from corn, gluten, lactose, sugar, starch, wheat, yeast, artificial colour, flavour and preservative.


Keep out of reach of Children.

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