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ENZO Brain Recovery Programme

Enzo Brain Recovery Program. Nutritional Support For Recovery of Health Brain Function. A three month course of Enzogenol New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, plus Extra-DHA Omega-3. 250mg of Enzogenol + Fish Oil providing 167mg DHA and 33mg of EPA per capsule. Dose for Active brain recovery is 5 capsules a day. Dose for brain function maintenance 2-3 capsules daily. Has been used for brain function loss after injury - traumatic brain injury, concussion and stroke. Age related cognitive decline - brain fog and early dementia and ADHA/ADD/Aspergers for improving attention and concentration, raising alertness, improving behaviour and improving learning abilities. 3 month course of 6 bottles, each with 75 capsules. Made in New Zealand.

You can read this news article about Enzogenol and Brain Trauma

This pack no longer comes in a box. 6 Individual Bottles will now be sent. 

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1 Pack

Common Uses

Enzo Brain Recovery

Brain Function Loss After Injury
• Traumatic Brain Injury (5 caps)
• Concussion (3-5 caps)
• Stroke (3-5 caps)

Brain Function Loss After Injury. Helps recovery of brain function after injury. Overcoming mental fatigue. Improving concentration. Reducing short term memory lapses. Improving alertness/responsiveness. Improving communication

Age-related Cognitive Decline
• Brain Fog
• Early Dementia

Age-related Cognitive Decline. Improving short term memory and executive functioning. Preventing or slowing cognitive decline. Raising alertness. Reducing mental fatigue. Improving mental energy.

Improving attention and concentration. Raising alertness. Improving behaviour. Improving learning abilities

Suggested Dosage

Dose for Active Brain Recovery: 5 capsules daily
Dose for Brain Function Maintenance: 2-3 capsules daily

Health Information

Enzogenol Brain Research

Clinical studies have shown Enzogenol improves:
Brain Functions known to decline with age
Working Memory & Concentration
Recovery of Brain Function after Injury
Tension-type Brain Discomfort


Enzo Brain Recovery delivers particularly powerful brain support. Formulated at clinically effective dosage levels. It combines two of the best brain health ingredients currently known.

Latest clinical research has shown that Enzogenol at 1000mg per day supports healthy recovery of brain functions. Previous research also showed that Enzogenol supports concentration, attention and executive brain functions in generally healthy adults and children.

Clinical research on the particular Omega 3 (40% DHA/10% EPA) used in Enzo brain recovery has shown benefits in people with age related cognitive problems.

The combination of Enzogenol plus extra DHA-Omega 3 gives your brain the best nutritional support to recover, stay healthy or improve your cognitive functions.

This pack of 6 bottles is a complete 90 day supply of Enzo-Brain Recovery. In order to take the same amount of Enzogenol that was shown to be effective in clinical studies, we recommend 5 capsules per day for 90 days. Lower doses may also be effective depending on the individual and the application.

Made in New Zealand.


Serving Size: 5 Softgels/15 servings per bottle. ENZOGENOL® dry extract from Monterey pine bark (pinus radiate) 1000mg, Ultra-pure DHA-rich fish oil 1666mg, provides Omega 3 essential fatty acids 1000mg, As DHA (Docosahexanoic acid) 833mg, As EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid) 167mg. Other ingredients: gelatine, glycerine, water, beeswax, natural vitamin E, mixed tocopherols, soybean lecithin. 



Keep out of reach of Children. Store in a cool dry place.

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