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HoneyRose Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes

HoneyRose Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes - 20 Cigarettes

Honeyrose Vanilla Herbal Cigarettes. Honeyrose products are made from naturally grown herbs, petals, clovers and flavours.  Non addictive. Guaranteed to be tobacco and nicotine free.  A new herbal cigarette made with the subtle addition of vanilla flavours. Guaranteed tobacco free and nicotine free. These are an R18 product and we cannot sell these to you unless you are over the age of 18. Vanilla Cigarettes are mild cigarettes, with the subtle aroma of vanilla. Guaranteed tobacco-free and nicotine-free with a tar level of 7.5mg. 20 cigarettes.

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20 Cigarettes

Common Uses

Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes and Smoking Mixtures are a reassuring way to stop smoking completely.

The Honeyrose Stop Smoking Plan will help you to replace tobacco cigarettes gradually and calmly, substituting Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes until you finally quit smoking. You have the added comfort of knowing that all the ingredients are non-addictive, pure herbs specially treated and naturally flavoured without added chemicals.

Health Information

 Remember These Tips for Success:

  • Ensure the first cigarette of the day is a Honeyrose
  • Avoid situations which may tempt you to smoke tobacco
  • Keep Honeyrose nearby, in case you do feel tempted
  • Think positively about your quit smoking plan
  • Stick to your quit smoking plan
  • Enlist the support of family and friends - tell them, they will help to keep you on the 'straight and narrow' road to success
  • As an incentive, keep track of the money you will save when you stop smoking completely
  • Have a 'treat' planned when you have quit smoking completely - perhaps something you will be able to buy with the money you will save in the first year
  • Take up a healthy hobby that you can enjoy more, as soon as your health begins to improve
  • Walk more, take more exercise - you will feel measurably better with each additional walk and each tobacco cigarette you don't smoke 


Keep out of reach of Children.

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