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Presto Gel

Presto Gel - 25 gram

Presto Gel for hemorrhoids. Presto gel is a non toxic, non irritating, non hazardous, non prescription alternative to antiseptic, antibiotic and hydrocortisone drugs commonly prescribed for haemorrhoids.  Presto gel was involved in clinical trials in Israel involving over 300 patients, by highly respected physicians Drs Alex Viminitz and Shimon Shohet, both experts in the use of plant extracts for optimum health.  As the trials proceeded, discoveries were made that enhanced the activity of the herbal ingredients to not only support healing, but also to mimic strong analgesic or pain relieving properties (up to 5 hours duration) despite the formula containing no analgesics. Can be used by men and women of all ages, including pregnant or breastfeeding women and children over 12 years. Can be used for as long and as often as necessary.  25gram

Presto gel brings rapid, lasting relief to inflamed, swollen & painful hemorrhoids.

Presto Gel should be tried even when everything else has failed. 

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25 gram

Common Uses

Presto gel supports our natural biological wound healing mechanisms that enable normal tissue repair and overcomes anal burning, itching, irritation, swelling and sensitivity. 

Presto gel brings rapid, lasting relief to inflamed, swollen and painful hemorrhoids. 

Presto Gel unique and safe formula protects inflamed tissues from further bacterial infection and/or contact with faecal acids and toxins, which are the main causes of anal discomforts.

This protection does not destroy the bacteria but instead helps create optimum conditions to support your body's natural biological wound healing mechanisms and allow them to accelerate the normal process of cell generation and tissue repair.

Suggested Dosage

Directions for use of Presto Gel

For topical and/or internal rectal application.

1. Keep the anal area hygienically clean after every bowel movement by washing with a tea tree soapless soap or an equivalent low allergy body soap, preferably having mild antibacterial properties. Wash the area at least 2-3 times daily.

2. Remove the cap from the tube and use the spike to pierce the underlying seal. Screw on the applicator tip.

3. Wash the rectal area as described above and use a finger tip to apply Presto Gel to any external haemorrhoids or if only treating internal haemorrhoids, apply to just the area needed to lubricate passage of applicator tip. Insert the applicator carefully to its full length. Slowly withdraw the
applicator while squeezing the tube to expel a small quantity of the Gel. Clean the applicator and refit the cap.

4. Apply Presto Gel at least 4-6 times daily to maintain the required antibacterial barrier. A little and often gives best results. Keep finger nails short and clean.

Users may experience a temporary, pleasant ‘cooling’ sensation after each application.

Individual response may vary so do not reduce the rate of application of Presto Gel until your body has had time to bring about the desired results. Thereafter a reduced maintenance program may be followed but is not mandatory.

Application of Presto Gel does not need to be liberal. A quantity about the size of a small green garden pea (250 mg) should be adequate to provide the required protective barrier film to local bacteria.

Each tube contains 25g which should be sufficient for about 100 applications.

In cases where fissures exist, a brief, slight burning sensation may occur in the rectal area upon first application of the gel. This sensation typically ceases with continued application.

Washing the rectal area will stop the burning sensation (and remove the protective barrier) but this procedure is rarely, if ever necessary.

Health Information

Introducing Presto Gel for haemorrhoids

A new and highly effective, natural non surgical treatment for inflammed, swollen and painful hemorrhoids.

Presto Gel contains a unique and advanced composition of highly active natural ingredients in a breakthrough formula that encourages healing and has helped thousands of sufferers of haemorrhoidal discomforts (piles) around the world to their utmost satisfaction.  Presto Gel is not just 'another' product and should be tried even when nothing else has been successful.

Presto Gel encourages healing, tissue repair & cell generation in haemorrhoids

Presto Gel incorporates a new and novel approach in the treatment of haemorrhoids that helps create the optimum conditions to support your body's natural biological wound healing mechanisms, encouraging the natural process of cell generation and tissue repair to overcome anal burning, itching, bleeding, swelling and sensitivity.

How was Presto Gel discovered?

The quest for a safe, natural preparation to resolve haemorrhoidal issues was begun in 2006 at the Israpharm Clinic in Israel by two highly respected physicians, Drs. Alex Viminitz and Shimon Shohet, who are both expert in the use of plant extracts for optimum health.   

The initial research confirmed that most haemorrhoidal discomforts and inflammation are caused by bacteria and faecal acids and toxins. Work was then begun to develop a gel to act as an effective protecting barrier based upon extracts from the aloe plant which has long been associated with healing.
Three phases of clinical trials were carried out over fifteen months involving over 200 randomly selected patients who collectively presented all stages of the condition.

As the trials proceeded, discoveries were made that enhanced the activity of the herbal ingredients to not only support healing, but also to enable a strong analgesic effect (up to 5 hrs duration), despite the formula containing no analgesics!

Results of the clinical trials with Presto Gel

Once optimised, the gel showed significant clinical improvements over the performance of three representative drug based preparations and greatly exceeded expectations. 

In fact, of the 30 randomly selected and standardised patients who took part in the final Clinical trials;

  • All but three were pain free after 24 hours and no pain at all was reported at 14 days.
  • At 60 days, all bleeding had stopped and only two patients still presented objective signs of the disease.

The researchers named their product “Presto Gel” because its effect was so rapid.

Presto Gel - You can feel the difference from the very first application

Individual response may vary but from the first application of Presto Gel, users will likely experience a pleasant cooling sensation in the affected area as the bacterial and acid barrier takes effect. This occurs regardless of the stage that symptoms have reached. 
As the cooling sensation subsides, the pain associated with the inflamed haemorrhoidal veins will also subside. This welcome relief can last for up to 5 hours despite the product containing no analgesic compounds. 

Presto gel can be used long term and as often as needed

As indicated by the Clinical Report, prolonged use (say 30 – 60 days) will typically see bleeding cease and distended or prolapsed veins shrink and enter back inside. Continuing to use Presto Gel will bring increasing and longer lasting relief.

Who can use Presto Gel?

Presto Gel is suitable for men and women of all ages, as well as pregnant women, post natal lactating women and children over 12 years of age. It can safely be used for any length of time and/or used any number of times in one single day. 

What are the active ingredients in Presto Gel?

Presto Gel contains natural ingredients selected and optimised to provide conditions that are favourable to self healing.  
Aloe Barbadenis Extract - known more commonly as 'Aloe Vera'. This remarkable plant extract actually blocks bacteria from entering your cells. By preventing them from attacking your haemorrhoid/fissure(s), the associated inflammation is averted. At the same time faecal toxins and acids are also prevented from aggravating your haemorrhoids (piles).  

Geranium Thunbergii Extract
- is a natural preservative that helps keep Presto Gel perfectly preserved, and so avoids the use of chemical preservatives. 

Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Extract - works alongside the Geranium Thunbergi extract as a natural preservative, preserving Presto Gel safely without the use of synthetic chemicals.  

Presto Gel is free from

Presto Gel does not contain any fragrance, ingredients of animal origin, drugs or drug components of any description, analgesics, harsh chemicals, synthetic or chemical preservatives or alcohol.  The substances in the gel are non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and non-hazardous.  It is registered as a medical device, Class I, according to Directive 93/42/EEC and as amended by Directive 2007/47/EC.

Presto Gel should be tried even when everything else has failed. 


Water, aloe barbadensis leaf powder, triethanolamine, carbomer, geranium thunbergii extract, pogostemon cablin leaf extract.


Keep out of reach of Children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. Always use as directed. No drug interactions are known and no side effects are expected. If an allergic reaction occurs during use, (local irritation and/or rash) please refer to your health professional before continuing use of the gel. Store in a cool dry place.

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