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Filter for Waterman Portable

Filter for Waterman Portable - 1 Unit

Waterman Replacement Cartridge for Waterman Portable Filter. Capacity: 400liters for 6 months, approx 2liters/day for 1 person.  The Waterman improves tap water, giving clean, sweet tasting water using the principles of nature.  Water passes through the filter under the influence of gravity.  Layers of natural ingredients are used including somelite, coral sand, silica sand and activated carbon made of coconut shell. Water remains fresh even during storage.  Waterman use “Somelite” to suppress the propagation of bacteria and to produce the minerals which are essential in the human body, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium etc. 1 replacement cartridge.

This replacement cartridge is for use with the Waterman Portable Water ionizer, alkaliser and filter

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1 Unit

Common Uses

A replacement cartridge for your Portable Waterman. 

Why is ionised water so good?

Ionised alkaline water occurs naturally in some locations in the world. They generally have the reputation of being 'Healing springs'. e.g. Lourdes, Nordenau springs, and others.

This quality water, - ionised water can be produced at home out of your tapwater with an appliance made for this purpose: a water ionizer/alkaliser.

Historically, Water ionizers are present in most countries in the world today, worldwide they are numbered in the millions. They have been developed into a high tech appliances over the course of over 40 years: in Japan today every 6th household has a water ionizer installed.

Rainwater, most springs or filtered tapwater do not offer the health improving qualities that ionised alkaline water is able to. How come? What are the key properties?

Alkaline Water.

Different to filtered water, ionised water is made to be alkaline (of course it is also filtered and purified). Drinking ionised alkaline water regularly assists the body to constantly eliminate acidity and detox effectively. Kidney and liver functioning is improved, so is hydration.

In general, ionised water helps balance the body's pH. This is necessary as our body pH tends to be acidic as a result of our lifestyle choices, in particular diet comprised of mostly cooked foods, pasteurised or otherwise processed foods, and acidifying drinks.    

‘Soft drinks are the most acid substance a person can consume, not far ahead of refined sugar. ’
Acidic conditions create a bad environment in our body enabling disease to thrive. For example, accumulated acid waste in the joints encourages inflammation and arthritis. Because ionised water is very alkaline, it dissolves accumulated acid waste and returns the body to balance. Keeping ourselves alkaline is a foundation for good health, and essential in fighting any disease holistically and naturally. As a pH balancer and alkaliser it can offer relief with many acid related conditions, such as gout, inflammation of joints, hyper tension, chronic fatigue, obesity, allergies, cancer a.o.


Health Information

This is what the replacement filter looks like.

WATERMAN Replacement cartridge

This is the top of the Waterman/cartridge with Filter counter: Showing 12 riders, one for each month. Punch down the rider for the month when you start the cartridge

Top of Waterman/cartridge with Filter counter: showing 12 riders, one for each month. Punch down the rider for the month when you start cartridge




Keep out of reach of Children.  Each filter weighs 200 grams.

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