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Vitamin C Micron Partical

Micron-Particle Delivery System

New Zealand Longevity Foundation Vitamin C + D3 Micron Particle Delivery System. Maximum usability and Optimum Bio-Availablity. If you are looking for lipospheric vitamin c, then look no more.  Each sachet contains 1800mg of essential phospholipids, 1000mg of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and 10IU of Vitamin D3. In the entire animal world only a fruit bat, the guinea pig, gorilla and homosapiens are unable to manufacture Vitamin C in the liver. Vitamin C participates in over 5000 biochemical processes every 24 hours.  Made in New Zealand.  30 sachets

Please note: Slight change in colour & taste.

RRP $54.95, price $42.95.

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NZ Longevity Foundation


30 Sachets

Common Uses

Vitamin C is involved in over 5000 biochemical processes every day. Because of this, Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that most should consider taking an extra dose of.

 The consumption of many pharmacy drugs can increase the excretion of Vitamin c in the body.

High doses of Vitamin C may decrease the absorption of copper from the digestive tract.

Factors increasing the demand for extra Vitamin c include acute or chronic inflammatory conditions, allergies, artherosclerosis, burns, diabetes, drug toxicity, heavy metal intoxification, prolonged infection, intestinal disease, periodontal disease, pressure sores, radium therapy, scar tissue, smokers, stress, surgery.

Scurvy symptoms in adults include a loss of appetite, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, weakness and fever followed by irritability, depression, leg pain, swelling over long bones of the body, anaemia, paleness, poor wound healing, dry eyes, skin thickening (hyperkeratosis) and bleeding behind the eyes causing prominence, bleeding at the joints of the ribs and sternum causing discolouration under the skin of the chest.

Scurvy symptoms in children include irritability, thigh tenderness, pseudoparalysis, bleeding around the lower ends of the leg bones (femur and tibia) causing pain, and assumption of a frog like posture.

Suggested Dosage

Henry Osiecki in his eighth edition of The Nutrient Bible gives these as a daily dosage:

RDA: 75-125mg
A Therapeutic range: 250-2000 mg. Doses higher than 2 grams have been used in those with cancer (10-40 grams have been used depending on the problem)
Infants: 40mg
Children 1-3 years: 50mg

Tolerable upper intake Levels (UL) for Vitamin C for childrens and young people:

1-3 years old: 400mg/day
4-8 years old: 650mg/day
9-13 years old: 1200mg/day
14-18 years old: 1800mg/day (included pregnant or breastfeeding females

To use: Snip off a 6 mm strip to open the sachet.  Squeeze contents in a tumbler type glass with 2cm of purified water, swirl contents once or twice. 

I personally squeeze the contents directly into my mouth and swallow promptly.  I do not swish it around, i just swallow it in 1 swallow. 

Health Information

This is what Longevity Foundation have to tell us about their Micron particle Vitamin C

They tell us that this form of Vitamin C is 10 to 20 times more bio-available than standard Vitamin C.

The benefits can include:

Protection from Vitamin C degrading agents in environment.

Protection from Vitamin C degrading agents in the digestive system.

Targeted delivery to the liver.

No gastric distress — even from large doses.

No extra load on kidneys because no increase in urine output. Maximised health and longevity benefits from Micron-Particle Delivery System, compared to other Vitamin C oral source. Plus all the benefits of the phosphatidylcholine used in the liposomes that carry and protect the Vitamin C


Each sachet contains: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 1000mg, Essential phospholipids 1800mg, Emulsifier 400mg, Vitamin D3 0.1mg (10IU).  Other ingredients: Water, Sunflower lecithin oil, natural antioxidants and natural flavour (orange oil)

Please note: NZ Longevity are constantly reviewing their formulations to give you the highest quality natural products. They have recently changed to a new supplier of one of the ingredients for the Vitamin C sachets and you will notice the colour has darkened and the taste has changed slightly.

This, in no way, compromises the quality of this product and in fact, it enhances it.  Kind regards Bruno


Keep out of reach of Children. Refrigeration will enahnce shelf life.  Longevity Foundation tell us: We expect our sachets shelf life (in a cool shady place) at approx 3 months at room temperature, but please note that under refrigeration, this can be extended to 12 months. 

The outer orange label does recommend keeping the product "Refrigerated".  This is merely to extend the shelf life.  Therefore if you wish to carry a few sachets in your pocket or handbag, there is no problem. 

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