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Immuno Boost Tea 150gm

Immune Boost Tea

Artemis Immuno Boost Tea. Immuno Boost Tea contains a traditional herbal recipe that targets the immune system. A traditional recipe for fighting off seasonal ills and chills. Helps to build immune resistance. Can be safely taken longer for maintenance and for protection in air polluted environments. Excellent in children's drink bottles to increase their immune resistance in schools and child care centres.  Suitable for adults and children. 150 grams

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Artemis Herbal Medicine


150 gm

Common Uses

A traditional herbal formula, in a tea form. Ideal for alleviating symptoms of colds, flu's, coughs, fevers and infections of the upper respiratory tract. Useful as a preventative measure. It is best drunk with fresh lemon juice and honey.

Suggested Dosage

For best effect and taste drink with fresh lemon and honey.

Take 3-5 cups daily to support the recovery from ills and chills.

To build up resistance and to support a healthy upper respiratory tract:
Take 1-3 cups daily.

For full restorative benefit take 3 cups daily for 6 weeks.

Can be safely taken longer for maintenance and for protection in air polluted environments.
Excellent in children's drink bottles to increase their immune resistance in schools and child care centres.

Dosage for children:

Babies: 5ml (1 teaspoon) 3 x daily
6-12 month: 10ml 3 x daily
1-4 years: 20-40ml 3 x daily
4-10 years: 50-100ml 3 x daily

Take 1 level teaspoon (1g) per cup (150ml), place into infuser, plunger or china pot, pour over boiling water and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes. Do not microwave..

Health Information

Artemis Herbal Medicine is strict in it's selection of herb material. Not only in its aim for highest standards of medicinal quality but also out of environmental concern. They use organically grown and local wild crafted herbs harvested in a sustainable manner whenever possible.

The herbs contained in this formula are:

Linden Blossom - An excellent calming herb, that is excellent for stress, panic and insomnia. It is also used to relieve nasal congestion & soothe fever. Aniseed - It is good for bronchitis, coughs, colds, and intestinal disorders such as colic and flatulence.

Elder Flower - Elder has long been used to stimulate the immune system and is an effective herb for viral infections. Also used for the prevention of colds, flu and upper respiratory infections.

Plantain - Used to clear mucous from the body, and to neutralize poisons. Has been used to treat lung problems in children, as well as stomach ulcers, for diarrhoea and bladder infections.

Sage - Sage is used to relieve excess mucous build-up. It is beneficial to the mind by easing mental exhaustion and by strengthening the concentrating abilities. It is good for sore throats, all stomach troubles, diarrhoea, gas, flu and colds.

Thyme - Thyme is a powerful antiseptic. It is used in cases of anaemia, bronchial ailments and intestinal disturbances. It is used as an antiseptic against tooth decay and it can help with fungal infections and is good for colic, flatulence, and colds.


100% certified organic herbs of: Linden blossom, Aniseed, Elder flower, Plantain, Sage, Thyme.
No gluten, sugars, caffeine, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
GE free.


Keep out of reach of children. In serious condition's or if complaint persists seek medical assistance.

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Artemis Herbal Medicine



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