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WellTrim African Mango

WellTrim African Mango - 70 Vegicaps

Radiance WellTrim African Mango Supports effective healthy weight management. This is the authentic, patented, African Mango (irvingia gabonensis) seed extract as featured on TV by Dr Oz. WellTrim iG is the only clinically researched African mango seed extract (IGOB131) shown to promote healthy weight management through multiple mechanisms of action. Research has shown that WellTrim iG African mango extract can support the management of normal healthy body weight, body fat, waist size, fasting blood sugars and cholesterol. 70 Veg Caps

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70 Vegicaps

Common Uses

To promote healthy weight management. Can support the management of normal healthy body weight, body fat, waist size, fasting blood sugars and cholesterol.

Suggested Dosage

One capsule twice daily, before meals.

Health Information

This is what Radiance have to tell us about healthy weight loss and their new WellTrim African Mango.

Radiance® WellTrim® iG African Mango provides WellTrim® iG, the only clinically researched African mango seed extract (IGOB131®) shown to promote healthy appetite and weight management.

Clinical studies have shown that WellTrim® iG African mango extract supports the management of healthy body weight, body fat, waist size, fasting blood sugars and cholesterol. Obviously all weight management programmes should incorporate a healthy diet and exercise plan so we here at Radiance® have jotted down a few guidelines to help maximise your Radiance® WellTrim® iG African Mango weight management experience.

How to Eat While Taking African Mango

Listen to what your body is telling you eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel full. Fullness can take up to thirty minutes to be registered by the brain, so eat slowly and leave half an hour after meals before eating again.

Eat consciously

Thinking about and preparing food prepares your digestive system for the food to come. Chewing well and eating slowly are also proven habits of healthy weight people. Try not to eat whilst distracted, such as watching television, as this is a likely time to overeat.

Follow the 80:20 rule

Following a diet plan can feel tough, so follow an 80:20 rule: if you follow the plan perfectly 80% of the time you can allow yourself to 'cheat' 20% of the time - this allows for flexibility and spontaneity, such as unexpected visits from friends and dinners out.

Reduce portion size

Consciously reduce the volume of food you are eating on a daily basis. A main meal should be able to fit into your cupped hands, only snack if you are genuinely hungry. For boredom try chewing gum, drinking water or herbal tea or take a walk around the block.

Be prepared

Planning is essential to success. A few minutes in the evening organising lunch and snacks for the next day can save you from nipping to the bakery and making poor food choices. Make extra dinner so you have leftovers to take to work for lunch. Make up healthy snack packs (fruit, frozen fruit, nuts and seeds) that you can grab on the run or throw in your backpack, briefcase or handbag.

Make sure you keep well hydrated

Thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so ensure you drink lots of water- aim for 25mls of water per kilo of body weight per day and more if you are physically active or in hot weather; that's 1.5 litres for a 60kg person, 2 litres for an 80kg individual.

What to Eat.

Eat 5-10 serves of vegetables a day - Fresh vegetables are packed full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and fibre. They fill you up and provide all the micronutrients needed for a healthy metabolic rate. Consider 5 a day your minimum and aim for 10 serves. One serve equals one piece i.e. a tomato, or half a cupful. Eat a rainbow of coloured vegetables to boost your nutrient intake, preferably raw, lightly steamed or stir fried. Use seasonal, and where possible, organic vegetables to minimise chemical exposure. Fresh fruit is a healthy alternative to chocolate bars, but don't go overboard, they are still high in sugar. Complex carbohydrates - great sources include brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, oats, barley, lentils, beans, chickpeas and amaranth.

WHY eat these foods?

These foods are high in fibre and nutrients, aiding in blood sugar balance which provides the body with steady energy and high in B vitamins which supports optimal energy production and metabolic rate. The high soluble fibre content of complex carbohydrates helps to make you feel fuller for longer, reducing cravings and the propensity for overeating, and also does some favours for your gut as well! Benefits can be gained from one portion (a cup) per day. Always opt for whole grain, complex carbohydrates over refined ones.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Good sources are; salmon fresh or canned tuna fresh or canned sardines mackerel WHY? They are essential for optimal wellbeing, help promote insulin sensitivity and improve the cells ability to burn fat for fuel, and support healing and recovery of your joints and muscles which are getting used to their new exercise regime!

Protein - good sources are eggs, fish, chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian choices are legumes or beans plus nuts seeds or grains together, for example hummus (sesame seeds and chickpeas) or nut butter on bread (nuts and grains)) or tempeh WHY? Protein is a building block; it is what our body is made from and is needed for tissue repair, muscle building and hormone production. Adequate protein at meals helps to balance blood sugars, thus reducing fluctuations in energy keeping you fuller for longer.

Portions - protein is the essential food for satiety, reducing cravings and over eating. Aim to have a portion the size of your fist with each meal, plus two handfuls of fresh vegetables, plus some healthy fats - avocado, nuts and seeds, home made dressings, olive oil. Vegetables should make up the bulk of your carbohydrate intake, with 4-6 cup sized portions of whole grains, beans and legumes per week.

What not to eat while taking African Mango and trying to loose weight

Sugar and refined carbohydrates - this includes all baked goods, chocolate, sweets, ice-cream, most store bought muesli, muesli bars, canned fruits, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, white bread, white rice, noodles and pasta. WHY? Refined carbohydrates leach nutrients from the body, reducing nutrient stores and nutrient assimilation. Chronic intake of these foods causes major fluctuations in blood glucose promoting both an insatiable appetite and fat deposition. It can be difficult to give up these foods as they often have an addictive quality to them, but cravings will decrease in time, especially if the body is supported with nutritious foods and Radiance® WellTrim® iG African Mango.

Fried foods and trans fats - this includes takeaways, most fast foods, baked goods, and lots of other foods- check labels WHY? These fats increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and many other health concerns, and contributing to weight gain! Always choose lean cuts of meat and remove any fat or skin. Try to avoid butter and margarine, use avocado, tahini or hummus instead. Avoid fried foods like fish and chips, hotdogs etc. Lots of fish and chip shops will offer a grilled fish option, this is better, and hold the fries! Avoid Tran's fats completely, as they contribute to heart disease, high cholesterol and interfere in immune function. These are present in most margarine products and most bought baked goods, including crackers and biscuits. If in doubt check the label, no amount is acceptable.

Exercise & Lifestyle All movement counts!

Include some movement into your day every day! Take the stairs, walk to work, take a brisk walk in your lunch break, mow the lawns, and vacuum the floor! Up your daily steps - wear a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day, if you find you have lagged behind during the day, go for a brisk walk with a friend or family member after dinner You don't have to join the gym - if the idea of joining the gym makes you shake in your boots, there are many ways to exercise that don't include a gym, try dance classes, tramping clubs, walking groups or cycle to work. Write down your weight loss goals - writing goals down makes you more likely to achieve them, keep them where you can see them and keep a chart to track changes.

Get Support

Gather the support of friends and family, they may want to join you on your weight loss journey. Having an exercise buddy is a great support, when motivation is lacking you can rely on someone else to drag you out of bed for that morning jog and vice versa! Make a weight loss chart - this can be a great way to chart your progress, put it on the fridge to remind yourself what the hard work is for. You could even add photos of your progress to really spur you on. Enrol the help of a good personal trainer - they can help monitor your progress and support you over the hurdles.


Each capsule contains: WellTrim iG African Mango 150mg, irvingia gabonensis seed extract, standardised to a minimum of 7% albumins. 100% vegetarian. Cellulose capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica,. No corn, egg, fish, gluten, milk derivatives, nuts, peanuts, salt, shellfish, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours. 100% GMO free.


Keep out of reach of Children. Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Children under 15 years of age and individuals with serious health problems should consult their health care professional before taking this. Store in a cool dry place. Product of new Zealand.





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