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Homay CHI Water Ionizer/Alkaliser. Undersink Installation

Homay CHI Water Ionizer/Alkaliser. Undersink Installation - 1 Unit

The Homay Chi water Ionizer/alkaliser is a 5 plate - 150 W water ionizer, fully automatic, computer controlled, self cleaning and has a replaceable o.1micron mixed media built in filter, with special hollow fibre, silver impregnated carbon and KDF media to kill virus and bacteria, removing Chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. It is a digital water ionizer with preset functions you select with the push of a button. You can choose a range of pH from acidic to alkaline water.  Acidic range: pH 5 - 5.5 depending on mineral content and flow rate.  Alkaline range: pH 8.5 - 10 depending on mineral content and flow rate and setting of ionization. ORP: up to -320mV on highest alkaline level. Adjustable strength: The Homay 619 CHI can be adjusted in its ionization by entering into the computer of the ionizer, and increasing the strength. Atomatic Self cleaning:The machine will self clean periodically to ensure optimal performance and long life.  Filter life for inbuilt filter: 4000 litre or 10 - 12 months, depending on actual usage of water. 

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1 Unit

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Homay CHI - Undersink installation

The Undersink set is made out of the Homay Chi, a 3 way filter tap (see image), and additional 2 x prefilters: hollow fibre block, and activated carbon filter for extra strong purification.

 The Homay Chi Undersink is installed into the cold water feed of the kitchen - which means it is directly plumbed in. (installer required)

Conveniently turn the ionizer/alkaliser on and off on the filter tap on the bench ( 3 - way Filter tap included).homay-u2.jpg

The Undersink set is made out of the Homay CHI, a 3 way filter tap, and additional 2 way prefilters, hollow fibre block, and activated carbon filter for extra strong purification. The ionizer unit is placed under the bench, and needs to be accessible to change the settings. However the ionizer can be conveniently turned on and off by using the filter tap on the bench.
Mineral / Vitamin Chamber:
This nifty addition allows you to add coral calcium or minerals. Most people place coral calcium or mineral powder in this compartment to trace the water and make it healthier. Filled with coral calcium, it will last a few weeks with normal use.

Kit comes with: T-line diverter valve, Built in filter, hollow fibre prefilter, carbon prefilter, acid drain connector kit, pH tester solution, colour chart, tubing, connectors and parts, and detailed instruction manual.
Product Specifications:

Model: HOMAY - 619 Specially adapted to IONZA standards and requirement

Power requirements: 240V  50/60HZ  150W

Filter Life:  Internal filter: 4000 liter or 10-12 months

Prefilters (Undersink option only): 6000 liter or 12 months, depending on usage and water quality
Weight: approx 7.5kg with prefilters

Output flow: depending on available pressure of source water from 0.6 - 2l/minute

Size: 190w x 150d x 290h

Warranty: 1 year full IONZA warranty, plus extended 2 years warranty on parts  (labour, freight and service cost additional)


Keep out of reach of Children.






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