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Superbeet Formula 500ml

Superbeet Formula 500ml - 500 ml

Natures Goodness Superbeet Formula. Beetroot juice concentrate. High in nitrates. Beetroot has been a staple food in Eastern Europe for many centuries. It also served an important role as a dietary supplement because of its numerous nutrients. This juice concentrate contains 80% beetroot juice concentrate. It also contains pomegranate juice and grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is one of nature's strongest antioxidants. It has an ORAC level of 25,000 umol/L. This product contains no added sugar. Makes 3 litres. Made in Australia.  500ml

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Nature's Goodness


500 ml

Common Uses

High in nitrates, Memory, Energy, Endurance, No added sugar, Makes 3 litres, ORAC 25,000 umol/L

Suggested Dosage

Dilute 1 part of juice (30-50ml) with 5-6 parts of water.

Health Information

A popular table vegetable; especially in Northern Europe, beets are a good source of iron and other nutrients.  The Greeks held this root in great esteem, offering it on a silver platter to the god Apollo.  In the middle ages, a meal was not considered complete without beetroot soup.  Walter Schoenenberger, a German research chemist, is a respected leader in the field of fresh plant juice therapy.  He states “ I base my life’s work upon the development of a new and natural form of healing...Fresh Plant Juice Therapy”.  Beet Root is one of the greatest and long valued of all plants that heal traditionally.

Does Beet Root Contain Vitamins & Minerals?

Beet Root is a good source of minerals, particularly an easy to assimilate iron. It contains vitamins A, B and C, sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorine.  In North America beet powder is best known for its moderate to good content of assimilable minerals and vitamins.  There is 0.8 mg of iron, 335 mg of potassium and 25mg of magnesium per 100mg of beetroot.  Interestingly, the colouring matter in the beetroot is anthocyanin.  This substance carries the potential in regenerating the membranes of cells, mitochondria and erythrocytes, thus improving cell respiration.


Beetroot is remarkably beneficial for slimmers.  Leslie Kenton, a leading nutritionist, writes in her book Ultra Life, that beetroot contains alkaloid betaine, which helps stimulate normal liver function, aiding detoxification and increasing its efficiency in processing fats.  Unless your liver is working properly, fat cannot be effectively broken down and transported through the body for use and elimination.  A poorly functioning liver can result in fatigue, nausea, illness and overweight.

What Else Can Beet Root Help With?

Red Beet Root acts as a splendid organic cleanser, not only of the liver, but also of the kidneys and gall bladder.  Taking this helps stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system for coughs, colds and bronchial disorders.  One study on Beet Root found it has a blood sugar stabilising effect.  It is helpful in the digestion of fats, gall bladder infections, digestive problems, anaemia and for toning rebuilding the liver.


Beetroot juice concentrate (80%), pomegranate juice concentrate (10%), apple juice concentrate (9%), grape seed extract, citric acid (food acid), sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative). No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt, artificial colours or flavours.


Keep out of reach of Children. CAUTION Please note that beetroot juice can change the colour of your urine and stools, however this is perfectly normal.

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