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Kelp Powder 50 grams

Kelp Powder 50 grams - 50 grams

Pacific Harvest Kelp Powder. Natural Goodness from the sea. This kelp comes from the pristine waters of New Zealand. This 100% natural sea vegetable is sustainably selected and naturally air-dried to preserve all its goodness.  Kelp is sought after for its rich iodine content and other minerals and vitamins. Kelp seasoning is often used as a healthy, tasty salt alternative.  During cooking, it imparts all its goodness to the food and adds body and flavour to soups, stews, gravies etc. Wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg and animal derivative free.  50 grams

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Pacific Harvest


50 grams

Common Uses

Kelp Powder can also be used as a condiment, but is also very useful in baking to add nutritional value to breads and pastries. Powder can also be used as a supplement in cereals and smoothies

Health Information

Some Information from Pacific Harvest

Harvest, Processing and Quality.

The Harvest

All our sea vegetables are selected and hand-harvested by professionals that have made a career of harvesting seaweed. This is done in areas where nature has remained pristine and free of contaminants. We currently harvest 2 types of seaweed - KARENGO (NZ Nori) and KELP - which have very different harvesting patterns and requirements.

Our KARENGO is sustainably harvested from the Kaikoura Coast (see map and description below) in the South Island of New Zealand. The season lasts only about 2 months of the year, in the winter. The plants are plucked off the wet inter-tidal rocks, weighed, air dried and stored until ready to process. This is a physically demanding process that is often performed during the cold and rainy winter days.

We harvest our KELP (Ecklonia radiata - recognized by connoisseurs for its taste and relative softness) from the Wairarapa and Bay of Plenty regions (see map and description below) throughout the year. The seaweed is collected, sorted, washed (in seawater to preserve the mineral content) and weighed ready for drying. This must all be done as soon as it is collected in order to get maximum quality and freshness. Often these tasks have to be done when a storm is still going full force, requiring great commitment from the harvesters. The seaweed is then naturally dried on racks, turned meticulously to get all moisture out and then packed for milling.
Few places in the world can boast of such natural wonders as those offered by land and sea in Kaikoura .... The seaside settlement of Kaikoura, situated midway between Christchurch and Picton on the rugged east coast of New Zealand's South Island, is overlooked by majestic mountains, which are snow-capped for many months of the year. This unique combination of ocean and mountains offers stunning coastal alpine scenery.

Wairarapa is about one and half hours drive north from the capital city of Wellington. The region is bordered by the rugged Tararua Mountains to the west and the wild Pacific Ocean to the east. Wairarapa's natural resources reflect New Zealand's clean, green reputation around the world. Its unspoiled land, air and water, along with resourcefulness of the people, create products of quality and purity rarely found.

The dried plants are sent to Pacific Harvest for processing; Karengo and Kelp are treated differently.

The dried KARENGO plants are sent to Pacific Harvest's factory where they are milled to various sizes. The cleaning and grading are very labour-intensive jobs achieved by manually working the milled karengo along a 5-meter custom-built screened table, rubbing the leaves on the surface to unfold and free any debris, which falls below the screen or is manually discarded. The final screens at the end of the table allow for automatically grading the leaves into fronds or flakes.

Some of the flakes are then further dried and milled again through a finer mesh to produce the Karengo Granules.

Our Karengo products are then packed into the various presentations required by our markets.

KELP is a very hard type of seaweed and requires much more powerful and robust equipment for the milling process. Pacific Harvest's Kelp is sent to a specialist food processing facility where it is milled, separated into powder and granules and then sent back to Pacific Harvest for further processing and packing. Our Flavoured Kelps are prepared by a specialized plant where granules are mixed with other natural ingredients.

Our AGAR is sourced in bulk as powder or granules from a specialist processing plant in New Zealand and packed by Pacific Harvest.

Our Natural SEA SALT comes organically certified from New Zealand's South Island. Pacific Harvest process and pack the salt to produce the various end products for our customers.

All of our processes are executed in approved facilities and we comply with the NZ Manufacturers food hygiene requirements.


100% Natural Kelp (Ecklonia radiata) from the pristine waters of NZ.


Keep out of reach of Children.  People with thyroid disease or allergies to iodine should consult their doctor before consuming this product.

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Pacific Harvest


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