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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 - 60 Tablets - Orally Disintergrating

Goodhealth Vitamin D3 Advanced micro-lingual technology.  Instantly dissolves in your mouth.  Supports calcium absorption and healthy bones.  Ideal for the whole family to take.  Vitamin D is fast becoming one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the western world.  Vitamin d helps to build and maintain strong healthy bones by stimulating the uptake and absorption of calcium into the bones.  It also helps with managing winter blues (SAD) by supporting mental and emotional well being.  Vitamin D is suitable for everyone concerned about their health and for those that spend most of their days indoors at work, school or home.  1000IU (25mcg) per suckable tablet of cholecalciferol. 60 tablets  Suitable for vegetarians. Wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and fish free.

The Sunshine Vitamin - Promote Calcium Absorption - Essential for Normal Insulin Regulation

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Good Health


60 Tablets - Orally Disintergrating

Common Uses

Vitamin D has been used for: Depression, bone health, osteoporosis, rickets, muscle weakness, for the elderly, psoriasis, diabetes, obesity and overweight, dark skinned people (who have higher levels of melanin, which blocks UVB radiation and limits the bodys ability to produce Vitamin D), autoimmune disorders, cancer and enhances immunity.

Vitamin D3 - the "sunshine vitamin", promoting Calcium absorption for building and maintaining healthy bones and a multitude of other health benefits including:

  • Seasonally affective disorder (SAD)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Essential for normal insulin regulation
  • Immunity support

Suggested Dosage

Adults and children over 3 years of age, take 1 tablet daily, or as professionally advised. 


Per tablet: Cholecalciferol 25mcg equivalent Vitamin D3 1000IU. Sugars per tablet <10mg, Polyols per tablet <100mg.  Does not contain wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, fish, artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours. Suitable for vegetarians.


Keep out of reach of Children. 

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Vitamin D3 - 60 Tablets

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Good Health


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