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Kiwiherb Echinacea High Potency Capsules

Kiwiherb Echinacea High Potency Capsules - 60 Vegetable Capsules

Kiwiherb High Potency Echinacea capsules. Each capsule contains premium New Zealand grown Echinacea root providing a potent immune formula for year round use.  Echinacea is a well-proven immune herb valued for its broad uses to support immunity and help recover from ailments quickly.  Kiwiherb use only the Echinacea root, as this is the strongest part of the plant. Now available in a convenient capsule form, ideal for travel or long term use.  Yeast, sugar and Gluten Free.  No dairy derivatives. 60 Vegetable Capsules


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60 Vegetable Capsules

Common Uses

Immune support and the treatment and prevention of winter ailments.

Suggested Dosage

Adults, during risk times: Take 2 capsules 2-3 times a day.

Adults, maintenance dose: Take 1-2 capsules daily.

Children aged 6-12: Take half the adult dosage.

Health Information

This is what Kiwiherb have to tell us about Echinacea

Endemic to North America, this attractive plant is a traditional remedy for a wide range of infectious and inflammatory conditions. Its use was adopted by European settlers and quickly became one of the most popular herbs in North America, but with the introduction of antibiotics in the 1930’s the use of Echinacea began to decline. In Europe however, the popularity of Echinacea continued to grow and today it is renowned worldwide as a valuable immune support herb and powerful natural tool for combating winter ailments.

As with many herbs, there is often scientific interest in establishing exactly which plant-chemicals are responsible for its medicinal activity. These studies are important as they can provide accurate ways to measure the potency of a herbal preparation. In Echinacea, a group of compounds called Alkylamides have been shown to be particularly important for its immune stimulating action. Whilst other constituents in Echinacea have also demonstrated immune activity, many of these are not very well absorbed into the bloodstream and it seems unlikely that they are useful indicators as to the quality of an Echinacea preparation.
Alkylamides are found in the highest concentration in the dried root of the plant and interestingly, root based preparations were traditionally favoured over those made from leaves and flowers. Alkylamides alsohave the interesting effect of causing a mild tingling sensation on the mouth and tongue. An early way of determining the quality of Echinacea roots was to chew them – with a strong tingling sensation indicating superior quality. This test still remains true today, and is an easy way to determine a high quality Echinacea product.
Clinical trials have shown Echinacea to be useful in both preventing as well as treating bacterial and viral infections including colds and flu. However, trials involving low doses of Echinacea products, or products with very low levels of Alkylamides have failed to achieve beneficial outcomes and resulted in much adverse publicity for Echinacea in general. As with other medicines, it is crucial to take sufficient doses of herbal remedies that provide effective amounts of the active plant-chemicals in order to produce a therapeutic effect.

Why Kiwiherb Echinacea?

Kiwiherb Echinacea is a premium Echinacea product made from Certified Organic, New Zealand grown Echinacea purpurea root.  Only the root is used as this is proven to be the strongest part of the plant.  Each Echinacea root capsule contains a minimum of 2mg of Alkylamides


Each capsule contains extracts equivalent to dried: Echinacea purpurea root 1500mg, Echinacea angustifolia root 200mg. Standardized to contain not less than 2mg total alkylamides per capsule.  Contains no preservatives, artificial colours, gluten, yeast, sugar or dairy derivatives.  Suitable for vegetarians.


Keep out of reach of Children.  Discontinue use immediately if you notice any adverse reactions and seek professional advice.

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