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Bite Away

Instant Relief from Insect bites

The Original Bite Away Natural Bite Healer.  Biteaway is a quick, natural remedy for an annoying problem - Insect bites.  It uses concentrated heat (no electricity) on a bite or sting to decompose the insects proteins and to suppress the body's allergic reaction which causes pain, itching and swelling.  Bite away works instantly - within seconds - and can still be used even hours after the bite or sting occurred.  It not only treats bites of mosquitoes but also bites and stings of bees, wasps, sand flies, horseflies, gnats and fleas alike.  It is safe and easy to use for both children and adults.  Biteaway is battery powered and a lifetime investment.  When the battery is empty, just replace it.  This product is manufactured in Germany and even has a medical CE approval in the European Union. Its dermatest tested, 100% chemical free and also safe to use for epileptics and people carrying pacemakers.  For adults and children.

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Common Uses


  • Fast: Works in just three seconds to prevent pain, itching and swelling of a bite or sting
  • Compact: It is small enough to carry in your purse or bag inconspicuously, so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime
  • Safe: It’s been dermatologically tested to be safe for use by anyone, and it does not have any side effects
  • All-natural: It is 100% chemical-free
  • Automatic shut-off: Biteaway has a built-in safety device that turns the instrument off once it has reached the proper temperature at the right time
  • Lifetime use: You only need to change the batteries in this device; it will last your lifetime
  • Unlike other insect bite apparatuses, Biteaway is hygienic, so it won’t cause any wounds or scars, and there is never a chance of infection

Suggested Dosage

Its just this easy:

Place the devices heating surface on the bite or sting.

Press the starting key.  You should hear an audible beep and a green diode with light up.

Once the treatment is over, the light will go out and there will be an audible signal lasting around half a second.

Now you can remove the Biteaway from the bite or sting.

Can be repeated if needed.

* Note: The right key is for adults (treatment time is approximately five seconds), the left key is for children or adults with sensitive skin (treatment time is approximately three seconds).

Health Information

Introducing a fast, easy way to stop the annoying problem of insect bites.

Everyone knows how annoying an insect bite or sting can be.Whether it’s a mosquito, bee, gnat, wasp, horsefly, ant or other insect, they can be painful and irritating.Sometimes these bites seem to stay on our skin for days, and as much as we itch or apply ointment to it, it doesn’t seem to go away.

Introducing Biteaway

Developed in Europe, this compact, battery-powered apparatus helps relieve insect bites and stings immediately after they occur.All you do is apply it to an insect bite or sting and, using a brief application of heat, it will immediately relieve the bite… in just three seconds! You won’t have to deal with the itching, bumps, sores and pain that can come with an insect bite.

Biteaway is chemical-free, dermatologically tested and safe for use by anyone.You can carry it around in your bag and be prepared for any insect bite that might occur.It’s the perfect device to have for family outings or trips to the outdoors.It makes a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time outside or in places where insects are plentiful.

How Does The Bite Away Device Work?

Biteaway uses the principle of concentrated heat to relieve insect bites—either immediately once they occur or even hours afterwards. The device contains a single-chip thermostat on its heating module, which is heated to approximately 50°C, the temperature at which insect protein molecules become decomposed. By placing the device on the specific area of a bite or sting, Biteaway helps remove the protein from the skin, thus relieving the bite or sting.

The controlled temperature delivered by Biteaway’s heating module, in which the temperature reached is between 49-53°C, for a specific amount of time (see “How do I use it?” section below for more), works to immediately alleviate the bite or sting, usually within about three seconds!

When applied immediately after a bite or sting, Biteaway actually prevents the bite from causing itching or swelling.When applied some time after a bite, or even after several hours, Biteaway will still help minimize the itching and swelling of the bite, and will cause it to eventually disappear. Biteaway works entirely without chemical substances.

Note: Do not apply Biteaway on mucous membranes, open wounds or the eyes.

How Do You Use the Biteaway Device?

Biteaway should be applied to a bite or sting immediately after it occurs.If you do not have it handy after you are bitten or stung, you can still use the device once you do have access to it. Whether you use it immediately or after several hours, follow these steps:

  1. Place the device’s heating surface directly on the bite or sting.
  2. Press one of the two starting keys* and wait for the device to reach the appropriate temperature.**
  3. During the appropriate treatment time, keep the heating surface slightly pressed on the bite.
  4. Once the right temperature is reached, there will be an acoustic signal lasting about half a second, and a green diode will show the range of temperature reached.
  5. When you see this temperature displayed, remove the device from the bite or sting.

* Note: The right key is for adults (treatment time is approximately five seconds), the left key is for children or adults with sensitive skin (treatment time is approximately three seconds).

** Note: After turning on one of the two start buttons, the pre-heating phase begins.When the appropriate temperature has been reached (in less than 10 seconds), the control will determine the appropriate range of temperature, depending on the time interval chosen (either of the two start buttons).If the temperature is not reached within 10 seconds, the “low battery” alert will show on the digital display, indicated by a flashing and three half-second acoustic signals.In this case, the batteries should be replaced.

Biteaway works with a distribution voltage ranging between 2.3 to 3.6 V. The device can thus be used with AA batteries or with accumulators in AA format.

Frequently asked Questions about Bite Away

Q.  Can I use the device on an open wound or on mucous membranes?

A.  No, Biteaway should not be used on these skin conditions.

Q.  After unpacking Biteaway, there is no signal or luminous diode flashing when I first turn it on. Why not?

A.  Most likely, the batteries have not been placed correctly in the device.Check this and turn it back on.

Q.  How long after I am bitten or stung can I use Biteaway?

A.  If you use the device several hours after you have been bitten or stung, Biteaway will still effectively minimize the itching or pain you experience and will reduce the swelling that has developed.

Q.  For what sort of insect bites can I use the device?

A.  Biteaway works for virtually any type of insect bite or sting, including gnats, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, wasps, ants, horseflies, ticks, spiders and many other types of insects.

Note: With tick bites, you may need to repeat the application more than once. And for spider bites, it may not relieve all spider bites, but can help alleviate most of them.

Q.  I dropped my device into the water. Can it be repaired?

A.  Biteaway is only splash-water protected (i.e. only slightly water-resistant). If you happen to drop it into water, remove the device, dry it thoroughly, leave it for a few minutes, remove and replace the batteries, and then turn it on. The device may still be usable.

Q.  Does Biteaway protect me against any allergic reactions that I have to an insect bite or sting?

A.  If the device is applied quickly after a bite or sting, it is possible that Biteaway will help prevent the allergic reactions. However, no specific series of tests have been done to confirm or refute this scenario.

Q.  Can the device be used to relieve snakes and scorpion stings?

A.  No, because of the severity of these animal stings, Biteaway is not an effective remedy.

Q.  Does Biteaway work with accumulators, too?

A.  Yes, the device can be used with accumulators as well as batteries.

Q.  When pressing the starting key, I see the display flashing for about 10 seconds and I hear three acoustic signals. What does this mean?

A.  This means that the battery charge is low and you should change the batteries soon.

Q.  I lost the battery cover of my bite away. How can I get a new one?

A.  You may order a new cover through us. A fee for the spare part and shipping will apply. Please contact us to find out how to get a new cover.

Q.  I am sensitive to metal. Can I still use Biteaway?

A.  Yes, you may use the device if you are allergic to metal. Note: The only exception is gold, in which case you should not use it.

Q.  Does Biteaway emit any radiation?

A.  No, the device only uses the principle of heat. No dangerous waves are emitted from it.

Q.  I work with electronic equipment. Can these be disturbed when applying the bite away?

A.  Influences of electronic equipment are not known.

Q.  Can I damage the device if I insert the batteries improperly?

A.  No, Biteaway has reverse battery protection, so there is no danger of damaging it.

Q.  An insect stinger is still in my skin. May I use the device in spite of this?

A.  Although Biteaway can help relieve the sting, it will be more effective if you are able to remove the stinger from your skin before applying the device.

Q.  May I use the device against tick bites, too?

A.  Yes, but the application will possibly need to be repeated.

Q.  Can I use Biteaway after I have already used insect repellent or cream?

A.  Yes, the device will be equally effective even if you have already used any such substance.


Keep out of reach of Children.

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