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Endura - Orange 800 grams

Performance Fuel

Endura Rehydration Formula Orange 800 grams. Rapid Electrolyte Replacement. Not all electrolyte replacement formulas are the same. Endura is a dynamically advanced electrolyte formula developed for use during strenuous exercise. Endura contains electrolytes in ratios that parallel those found in muscle cells. Endura delivers these essential electrolytes, including high levels of magnesium, through an activated co-transport system making them readily available in the blood stream to maintain and optimise cellular metabolism. Endura is one of Healthworlds "on the shelf" range of products. It comes in 4 different flavours. Makes equivalent 11.2 litres (isotonic). 20 grams of carbohydrate per dose, to fuel energy. Orange flavour. 800 grams Contains 32 doses. Updated

If I'm feeling stressed, this is the product I go for.  I mix up a scoop in water and as I swallow it, I can feel the relaxation it produces with every mouthful. One of my favourites.  Leanne James Naturopath.

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Common Uses

Endura Magnesium rehydration formula. Sports endurance and rehydration formula with magnesium. To relieve muscular aches, prevent cramps and assist stamina. Easy to digest, patented form of magnesium (Meta Mag). For stamina and the rapid replacement of fluid and electrolytes. Endura may also assist in relieving muscular aches, pains and in preventing muscular cramps and spasms.


Suggested Dosage

Directions for use:

Mixing directions: Combine 1 rounded scoop (25 grams) with 200-350ml water and shake well. It appears lumpy when you first add it to water.  Mix or shake well and it will completely dissolve.

During exercise (Isotonic): Drink one to two doses 30 minutes before exercise and one dose during each hour of exercise (up to four doses per day) or as directed by a healthcare professional.

In preparation for exercise - Magnesium and carbohydrate loading (Hypertonic): Drink one dose three times per day, two to three days before an event to maximise muscle magnesium and endurance.

For daily hydration (Isotonic) and Increased physical demands: At times of increased physical output, to assist stamina, relieve muscular cramps, spasms, aches, pains and prevent muscular cramps and spasms, drink up to four doses per day.

Health Information

Magnesium Rehydration Formula. Endura™ Scientifically Advanced Hydration.

For optimal hydration, water should be consumed with carbohydrates and electrolytes. By using Endura™ Rehydration Formula, you can ensure water absorption and retention are superior to water alone. The carbohydrates in Endura™ Rehydration Formula replace lost energy and improve performance. Sodium promotes active water consumption and the magnesium may prevent muscle cramps and weakness.

Endura™ Rehydration Formula delivers rapidly absorbed carbohydrates for immediate energy and improved performance. The carbohydrates in Endura™ Rehydration Formula are delivered at a special concentration to achieve maximum fluid delivery. The combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates promote water absorption and retention.

The Electrolytes in Endura

To maintain active hydration Endura™ Rehydration Formula contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium to replace electrolytes lost in sweat.

Magnesium:  Magnesium deficiency is very common and exercise increases magnesium loss. Research has shown that magnesium deficiency may reduce physical performance, exercise capacity and contribute to muscle cramps and weakness. A common side effect of magnesium supplementation is digestive upset. However, Endura™ Rehydration Formula contains a patented form of magnesium (Meta Mag™) that ensures higher absorption and bioavailability with a low risk of adverse gastrointestinal effects.

What is the difference between isotonic and hypertonic?

Isotonic drinks have the same osmolarity as the body's own fluids. This allows them to be absorbed relatively quickly and provide energy without hindering fluid absorption. Isotonic drinks are the preferred composition for training and racing, due to their balance between refueling and rehydration.

Hypertonic drinks have a higher osmolarity than the body's own fluids, so they are more concentrated. This means their absorption is slower than water, so they are most useful for glycogen replenishment after exercise, or loading before an event. 

For low carbohydrate rehydration consider Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel


Ingredients: Each dose (scoop - 25 grams) contains: Magnesium amino acid chelate (Meta Mag) 1.6grams, Equivalent Magnesium 163mg, Calcium amino acid chelate 210mg, Equivalent Calcium 42mg, Potassium citrate 185mg, Equivalent potassium 67mg, Sodium chloride 446mg, Equivalent Sodium 176mg. Energy: Each dose provides 362 kj (87 Cal) of energy. Excipients: Maltodextrin, fructose, malic acid, nature identical flavour (orange), silica, natural colours. Contains NO: Wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, eggs, nuts and yeast.  No added preservatives or artificial colouring or flavouring.


Keep out of reach of Children. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. The recommended daily dose of Endura contains 176 mg of Sodium. This product is sold by weight not volume. Some settling may occur.

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