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Advanced Digestive Enzymes

Comprehensive Vegetarian Enzymes

Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes. A broad combination of vegetarian digestive enzymes to assist in fat, carbohydrate and protein digestion. Contains a blend of proteolytic, lipolytic and carbohydrolytic enzymes to assist with the breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats. Designed specifically to support digestion for people who eat the typical modern diet. Ideal for those with age related digestive insufficiency, food intolerances, poor nutrient absorption ability and those who suffer with indigestion and constipation. Vegetarian formula. 60 Vegecaps.

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60 VegeCaps

Common Uses

Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzyme assists healthy functioning of the digestive tract. Assists in the absorption of beneficial nutrients from food. Helps promote the proper digestion of fats which is necessary for the absorption of important fat soluble vitamins such as D, A and E. Is effective at each H level in the digestive system. Contains no animal derived enzymes or GE ingredients.

Suggested Dosage

Adults: Take 1 or 2 capsules before food.  We suggest 2 if the meal is particularly high in protein and/or fat.

Health Information

A broad spectrum vegetarian enzyme combination

Advanced Digestive Enzyme is a broad combination of vegetarian digestive enzymes to assist in fat, carbohydrate and protein digestion.  This formula is designed specifically to support digestion for people who eat the typical modern diet, which is high in protein, fat and refined carbohydrates. It contains a proprietary blend of enzymes specifically designed to aid the digestion of these nutrient dense meals. 

Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of enzymes, but these enzymes are destroyed when the food is processed, canned, or cooked. The modern diet consists of predominantly enzyme deficient cooked foods. Supplementation with enzymes helps to replace those lost in cooking, and enhances the enzymes found in raw foods.  

Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes contains a blend of proteolytic, lipolytic & carbohydrolytic enzymes to assist the digestion of protein, fat & carbohydrates.

Protease 4.5 is a mixture of proteases that work synergistically with endogenous enzymes to provide protein digestion in the stomach and small intestine. 

Papain and Bromelain – assist protein digestion to provide amino acids which are used to build muscles, metabolic enzymes, neurotransmitters and many other essential biochemicals.

Lipase has broad substrate specificity on the fats and oils of vegetable and animal  origins. 

Amylase, tilactase and cellulase are carbohydrate enzymes which assist in the digestion of starch, lactose and cellulose allowing for a more complete digestion of carbohydrates consumed.
Many Enzyme formulas available today contain animal-derived enzymes, Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes contain no animal derived enzymes. Instead the enzymes are sourced from microbial and plant sources – exhibiting better effectiveness over a broader pH range.   Compared to competing enzyme formulas, ours is a potent, broad spectrum, high quality (manufactured to TGA GMP standard) product. 

Lifestream Advanced  Digestive Enzymes are measured as Digestive Enzyme activity. This is a true indication of enzyme potency.

Can enzymes be taken with other prescription medications?

Digestive enzymes function by breaking down specific chemical bonds in foods. In most cases digestive enzymes can therefore safely be taken with medications, however it is best to separate the medications and the enzyme supplement by more than 2 hours.

One area of caution is with prescription blood thinning agents. If you are on this type of medication, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning an enzyme regimen.
Gastric Ulcers.  All protein digesting enzymes can irritate existing ulcers and should be avoided by those with stomach or intestinal ulcers.
Pregnancy and nursing.  As a general precaution, if you are pregnant or nursing, consult with a professional before use.

Are digestive enzyme supplements safe for children to take? Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzyme capsules have been formulated for adult use.  If children have digestive problems or disorders, it is best that they consult privately with a health professional before using digestive enzyme supplements.


Each 1 VegeCap contains: Amylase 12,000 DU, Protease 35,000 HUT, Bromelain 33mg, Lipase 600 LipU, Papain 20mg, Tilactase (lactase) 1,000 ALU, Cellulase 250 CU. Also contains rice bran, hypromellose vegetarian capsule.


Keep out of reach of Children. If you have a gastric ulcer or are taking blood thinning medication, consult with your healthcare professional before using.  Consult your health care professional before using, if pregnant or breast feeding.

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