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Self Test Adrenal Stress Profile Plus

Adrenal Stress Profile Test Kit

Self Test Adrenal Stress Profile Plus, saliva hormone test kit. This Aquarian Laboratories kit offers an Adrenal Stress profile and an optional Sleep profile.  The hormones tested are: Stress Test: AM Cortisol and AM DHEA-s (included in cost of test kit box). These tests are also available with this test kit, but incure an additional cost. Adrenal Stress Day Profile (optional) Cortisol - midday, 4pm and 8pm (AUS$80). Sleep Profile (optional) Midnight cortisol and midnight melatonin (AUS$70).  There are extra charges for these tests, as listed.  To pay for these, you need to include your credit card details on the request form.  Once the lab receive your saliva sample, they will charge any extra costs.

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1 Test kit

Common Uses

Cortisol is a steroid hormone (made in the adrenal glands) and is vital for health. It has many functions which include: Helping to regulate blood pressure. Helping to regulate the immune system. Helping to balance the effect of insulin in regulating the blood sugar level. Helping the body to respond to stress.

Please download the Salivary Hormone Test Information here.Please read this prior to taking your saliva sample.

Suggested Dosage

This kit comes with 5 collection tubes.  Only fill 5 tubes if you are having all 3 tests done. 

If you need to eat, drink or smoke, please do it after you have taken your sample or 90 minutes before taking the sample. 

When taking samples throughout the day, it is best to rinse your mouth out 5 minutes before taking the sample.  The midnight sample is best taken in a darkened room.

If you are having the:

Stress Test: AM Cortisol and AM DHEA-s. Just fill 1 (ONE) saliva Vial. This test is included in the cost of test kit box, so you do not need to pay any extra for this.

Adrenal Stress Profile: This test involves 4 collection tubes (same colour) Please mark each one with the correct collection time am/pm.  They being 8am, Midday, 4pm and 8pm, unless otherwise stated by your practitioner.  You need to include your credit card details if having this test, as there is an additional AUS$80 to pay for these tests

Failure to do this will result in the test being invalid. A resubmission fee of $20 will be charged if this happens. 

Sleep Profile: This test involves just one collection tube.  Please use the pink tube.  Collection is at mid-night.  You need to include your credit card details if having this test, as there is an additional AUS$70 to pay for this test.

Make sure you fill in the payment details before returning your saliva samples. Failure to do this will delay the process.

If you are doing the Adrenal stress profile there is a further charge of AUS$80
If you are doing the Sleep profile there is a further charge of AUS$70

The cost of this test kit box pays to have the Stress Test, which is an am Cortisol & am DHEA-s saliva sample.

An analysis of your results is NOT included and will not be provided by healthyonline. You must be working with a practitioner, who can analyse these for you. This is a practitioner only product. 

Results take approx. 5 weeks, once received by the Laboratory in Australia.

Health Information

Cortisol (the active form of cortisone) is a natural steroid hormone produced by the cortex of the adrenal gland. Cortisol has a strong diurnal variation, generally high early in the morning and falling during the day.

Cortisol level typically increases over the first few minutes of the day, reaching a peak 20-30 minutes after waking. In a healthy adult, salivary cortisol levels increase by between 50 and 160% in the first 30 minutes immediately after waking.

Cortisol (the stress hormone) is involved with a variety of different functions in the body, including the regulation of blood sugar and liver function, regulation of electrolyte levels/balance and production and with immune function (to name a few).

Low cortisol levels have been observed in patients with different stress-related disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Low cortisol symptom leads to enhanced stress sensitivity, pain, and fatigue. The phenomenon of hypocortisolism may occur after a prolonged period of hyperactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis due to chronic stress. Despite symptoms such as pain, fatigue and high stress sensitivity, low cortisol level may also have beneficial effects on the organism.

Elevated cortisol level is found in many diseases, including infectious, aging-related, depression and depression -associated conditions; even in some with no known origin. While it was initially thought that high cortisol level is the result of these diseases, there is mounting evidence to the contrary, namely, that high cortisol actually plays a major role in inducing them, opening the possibility that anti cortisol drugs might represent a new beneficial therapy. High cortisol levels for prolonged periods leads to fat deposition and often belly fat.


This kit includes 5 collection vials (4 orange and 1 pink), your request form for your personal details and a return addressed envelope (for NZ customers only.  Postage will need to be added to envelope). Once your sample arrives at Aquarian Laboratories, your results will take approximately 5 weeks.


Keep out of reach of Children. 

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