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Manuka Mouthwash

Manuka Mouthwash - 100 ml

Manuka Mouthwash, from Kiwiherb. Oral hygiene, gum disease, bad breath. This New Zealand made herbal mouthwash contains extracts of the herbs manuka & tanekaha. Ideal as a mouthwash or gargle for gum disease i.e. gingivitis & periodontitis. Helps tighten the gum tissues, stop bleeding & stimulate tissue healing. After dental surgery to help prevent infection. 100ml

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100 ml

Common Uses

For maintenance of general oral health, as a mouthwash for gum disease, bad breath, help prevent mouth infection.

Suggested Dosage

Adults: 2-4ml diluted with 20-40ml water. Use as a mouthwash up to 3 times a day. Expel from the mouth after use (so spit out)

Health Information

About Kiwiherb Kiwiherb products are proudly manufactured by Phytomed Medicinal Herbs Ltd, one of the largest manufacturers of medicinal herbal extracts in New Zealand. Backed by one of New Zealand's leading herbalists, Phytomed was initially set up to manufacture and supply liquid extracts and dried forms of phytomedicines (herbal medicines) to qualified health practitioners. Since launching our products onto the market, Phytomed has established an excellent reputation among health professionals for producing top quality, high potency herbal extracts and formulations. Their first product developed for retail sale, Organic Echinacea Root Extract with Active Manuka Honey, was received so positively it encouraged them to develop more retail products - this is our Kiwiherb range. New Zealand has an outstanding reputation for being clean and green, and produces some of the highest quality herbs in the world. Here at Kiwiherb we are passionate about sourcing organic herbs wherever possible. We believe nature has provided us with a fantastic array of tools to help promote health, & by embracing these gifts in their most natural, organic form we are supporting the natural cycle of life. A number of our products also contain herbs native to New Zealand which are sourced from their natural environment - the beautiful New Zealand bush. We work closely with local iwi in areas of Northland, the Ureweras & East Coast to ensure these plants are wildcrafted (collected from their natural environment) in a sustainable & ethically sound manner. These plants have unique combinations of actions and are high in healing energy. All our products are manufactured at our purpose-built modern manufacturing plant in West Auckland, New Zealand.


Each 1ml contains extracts equivalent to Manuka dried herb 150ml, Tanekaha fresh herb 60mg, Manuka essential oil with natural herbal flavouring. Contains alcohol.


Keep out of reach of Children. Warning: Long term regular use may result in staining of the teeth. Use only as directed. If symptoms continue, see your dentist or doctor. Discontinue use immediately if you notice any adverse reactions. Store in a cool place. Remember to dilute before use and spit out after use.

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