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Soleo Organic Sun Cream SPF30+ - Short Dated

Soleo Organic Sun Cream SPF30+ - Short Dated - 80 gm

Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen. 30+ SPF and very water resistant. For all skin types including sensitive skin. No chemical UV absorbers, titanium dioxide or synthetic preservatives. Soleo is "The evolution" in suncare. Innovatively formulated lotion with a base of organic and all natural ingredients. Patented zinc technology that wont leave your skin white. Fortified with organic botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize your skin, Soleo is an alternative to traditional chemical sunscreens. Suitable for adults and children of all ages. Fragrance free. Soléo Organics products do not use any nano particles in its formulations. With their state of the art zinc technology, they are able to deliver high performance zinc without any thick white coating while still avoiding the use of nano particles. Soléo Organic remains vigilant in providing the safest and most effective ingredients in our product range. 80 grams

Was $35.95, Now $29. Expiry November 2019. Only Two Available then Discontinued.

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80 gm

Common Uses

Soleo Organics is specifically designed for any one with a skin sensitivity. It can be used on any one of any age including babies. Due to its excellent water resistant properties Soleo has been endorsed and is used everyday by some of the world's top professional surfers and has been tested in some of the most demanding environments on the globe. It is ideal therefore for any child who loves the water allowing parents the freedom to not have to worry about re-applying after every swim. Soleo Organic Sunscreen is a healthy choice with NO chemical UV-absorbers, NO synthetic preservatives, NO titanium dioxide, NO benzoates, NO petrochemicals, NO fragrances, NO artificial flavours

Suggested Dosage

New Zealand has some of the highest UV ratings in the world. Therefore a 30SPF sunscreen is mandatory. Directions:  Squeeze and shake tube well before using.  Do this with the lid still on :-)

Apply evenly to exposed areas and rub in thoroughly 20 minutes before sun exposure and as needed.  For children under 6 months, ask a doctor.  Reapply regularly as needed or after towel drying, swimming or sweating. 

Store below 86F/30C. 

Use enough to cover your skin and rub in firmly. The sunscreen should blend into your skin going on completely clear. If you can not rub it in then you have used too much. Remember it is very effective as it is over 22% Zinc Oxide so you don't need to overdo it.

Health Information

Leo Fung, a qualified naturopath, developed the original Soleo sunscreen formula in 1999 to offer consumers an alternative to synthetic-based sunscreens. Since then he has worked with other experts internationally to further improve this naturally sourced suncare technology. This on-going research and development resulted in the commercial release of the latest version of this sunscreen- Soleo Organics - in August 2005.

Healthy Alternative to Common Synthetic Sunscreens: Developed for health conscious consumers who are looking for an alternative to common synthetic sunscreens.

Sensitive Skin: Formulated for all skin types including sensitive - people with chemical sensitivities, skin allergies, acne and other skin conditions.

Is it Safe to Use on Babies?   Soléo Organics is free of all chemical UV-absorbers, synthetic preservatives, petroleum by-products, fragrances or essential oils so is ideal for sensitive skin and has no specific restrictions on use at any age.   Of course, it is always best to keep babies out of the sun as much as possible and it is generally recommended to check with your doctor regarding any new products for babies under 6 months old.  However for times when that isn't possible, we feel our sunscreen is the best alternative for your whole family.  We also just recommended for the first time you use it to try a test patch on your baby - this is good to do with any new product that you use on your baby, just to be cautious. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has ranked Soléo Organic All Natural Sunscreen as the #1 sunscreen for all ages.

Pregnant Women: Suitable for pregnant women, however you should always consult with your doctor before applying sunscreen when you are pregnant.

Caring For The Skin: Fortified with the goodness of botanical extracts and Vitamin E to replenish and care for the skin during and after sun exposure. These ingredients include: natural moisturisers (macadamia oil and cupuassu butter) and antioxidants (green tea and grapeseed extracts.)

Is It Good for Sensitive Skin?  Soléo Organics was designed for sensitive skin as all potential irritants, such as chemical uv-absorbers, synthetics preservatives, artificial fragrances, petroleum by-products and essential oils has been excluded. However, we always recommend people who intend to be allergy-prone to do a test patch first (as with any new products they are using).

Broad-spectrum Protection: Protects against UV-A rays, which cause premature ageing of the skin and UV-B rays, which cause sunburn.

What does SPF Mean?  SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF numbers are on approximate indication of how much protection from the sun the product will provide for your skin. For any exposure time an SPF30 sunscreen has approximately double the protection time of an SPF15 sunscreen. ie. For an average person (skin burns after 10 minutes in the sun):

    * SPF30 = 300 minutes before burning
    * SPF15 = 150 minutes before burning

Customers have asked these questions about Soleo Sunscreen.

Does Soléo contain nano particles in its formation?   Zinc oxide: -- No we use a non nano particle coated Zinc Oxide that is not photoreactive and will not produce hydroxyl ions (free radicals). We do not use traditional zinc coatings like dimethicone, aluminium, or sulphurs. Soleo uses only natural ingredients in all aspects of production and our zinc is coated with derivatives of coconut oil. Our zinc is approximately 2000 nanometers in size. To be classified as a Nano particle sizes have to be sub 100 nanometers. So our Zinc does not absorb into the bloodstream and effect serum zinc levels. Zinc assists in the growth and repair of the skin tissue. Zinc is the only sunscreen ingredient that offers comprehensive protection from the full spectrum of UV light, namely UV A, UV B and UV C. Unlike Titanium, Zinc is a true physical sunscreen, reflecting UV light and not absorbing it. 

Also (Friends of the Earth) Soleo is listed as one of the few nano-free companies.

Soléo Organic remains vigilant in providing the safest and most effective ingredients in our product range.
Why don't you use titanium dioxide?   Titanium dioxide is absorbed very easily into the body and into the bloodstream. We have chosen not to use chemical UV-absorbers in our formula due to international medical research articles that have shown that titanium dioxide has the potential to cause health problems. There is a medical research website that you might like to visit called  This outlines various research paper abstracts that have been published in medical journals about the concerns of common sunscreen chemical UV-absorbers.

What preservative is used in this product?  There is no chemical preservatives used at all. 

Awards Soleo Has Won. Soleo has won 3 separate awards for this sunscreen.  They are:

Environmental Working GroupBest Beach & Sport Sunscreen Out Of 1700+ Brands tested!  EWG's Suncreen Investigation found that nearly 500 name brand sunscreens, don't protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals - or both.  However Soleo Organics came out the #1 for safety and protection out of over 1700+ Sunscreen brands tested.

Elle Green Star Beauty: ELLE picks the top organic makeup, skin care and hair products. Best Sunscreen.  Petrochemical-free Soleo Organics All natural Sunscreen wards off "damaging rays and unwanted synthetics"

SPRIG (The Style guide to everything eco) Best Green Sunscreen Top 10. Best High SPF Sunscreen.   Why its good? With most mineral sunblocks, higher SPF means a chalkier consistency.  Not so with Soleo Organics All Natural SPF 30, which is so light and blendable, some testers use it in place of their body moisturiser - must be because of the grape, sunflower and safflower seed oils.  Why its green: Free of potentially toxic ingredients, the formula is biodegradable, plus it includes organically grown botanicals and was developed using Naturopathic principles that help the skin to heal itself.  


Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide 22.3%.  Inactive ingredients: (all organically sourced) Vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed), Helianthus annus seed oil (sunflower) Capric/caprylic triglyceride, vegetable oil, Candelilla cera, Cera alba (beeswax), Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, Camelia sinesis leaf extract (green tea), Anthemis nobilis flower extract (roman chamomile), Lecithin, Carthamus tinctorious seed oil (safflower), Cucumis sativus fruit extract (cucumber), Natural Vitamin E Oil. 


Excluded ingredients: No chemical UV absorbers, No titanium dioxide, No synthetic preservatives, No synthetic colours or fragrances. 


For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. If irritation or rash persists, consult a doctor. Avoid direct contact with fabric. Keep children and babies out of the sun from 10am - 4pm. Avoid sun burn, especially with children. Note: Sunscreen will work the instant it goes on as it is a physical sunscreen but if you do not give it a chance to bond to your skin it will not last 3hrs in the water. Apply 10 - 20 minutes before going into the water.

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