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Organic Green Tea

Delicous Green Tea

Madura Organic Green Tea. For those consumers looking for a certified organic alternative, this single origin, organic green tea from northern India is one that Madura are confident will provide the sensory satisfaction of a refreshing, delicate green tea, with the added assuirance of attested organic certification. Contains no tannic acid, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Tea contains antioxidants, some of which are unique to tea.  Averaging 2.2% caffeine by dry weight.  ACO Certified Organic USDA Organic. 100 tea bags.

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100 Tea bags

Common Uses

A rich and natural source of antioxidants. Madura engage an Australian government laboratory to rigorously test their teas for caffeine and chemical and bacterial contaminants to extend protection to their customers.

All Madura Teas are naturally free of tannins & tannic acid, as well as averaging less than 3% caffeine. No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Because Madura work with nature, they choose non genetically modified teas, producing a totally natural and refreshing beverage.

Whilst other teas claim freshness, Maduras is evident in its superior taste, enhanced and protected by innovative, recyclable packaging. The Polyphenols present in green tea prevent an increase in blood glucose concentration because they inhibit the activity of enzymes which convert starch and other sugars to glucose.

Green tea as been studied extensively and has found to provide an anti-oxidative action, anti-tumour action that suppresses the growth of tumours, breaks down cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, normalises blood pressure, helps heal ulcers, is antibacterial, anti viral and blood cleansing.

Suggested Dosage

Preparation: As we use superior leaf grades, not dusts, please use fresh, slightly cooled, boiled water and brew for 4 minutes, or less, as suits your palate.  Ideal any time of the day or night, consumed hot or cold, with or without a slice of lemon, lime or a sprig of mint.  Take without milk.

Health Information

How does green tea differ from black tea?

Green Tea manufacture differs from black tea in that the leaf enzyme is inactivated so that fermentation does not take place. This favourably alters the balance of natural compounds to give a superb drink for all seasons, whether consumed hot or chilled.

How should you drink green tea?

A dash of lemon, a touch of clove, a slice of fresh ginger, mint or a herb of your choice, all enhance its appeal. Generally, milk is not added.

Green tea, good for your health

This tea has strong antioxidant properties. Japanese scientists believe that green tea can inhibit the growth of cancer tumours in humans, but especially cancers of the oesophagus, stomach and intestine. As well as this, it has been found to reduce the incidence of heart disease.

The effect of green tea drinking was analysed on 1871 men who lived in Yoshimi, Japan where the most common beverage is green tea. The study found that the tea reduced the incidence of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular diseases in general. It was also shown to improve liver function, therefore providing some protection against liver, colon and lung cancer.

Green tea and weight loss

Another side effect of drinking green tea appears to as an aid for weight loss. This is due to green teas ability to produce thermo genesis.

The body carries 2 types of fat - Brown fat, which sits against the skeleton and yellow fat which collects around our fatty areas and increases as we put weight on. Our brown fat cells act to burn off excess yellow fat when we start to loose weight, an activity that creates heat and is known as Thermo genesis.

Green tea contains a group of components which, it is thought, increase the metabolic activity of brown fat and helps it to burn off yellow fat more quickly.

Other benefits of green tea

Many herbalists recommend drinking green tea after meals to protect teeth and gums because it contains high levels of natural fluoride. Green tea contains high levels of the potent antioxidant Polyphenols. This component is what gives green tea its powerful protectant properties.


100% Certified Organic Green Tea from Northern India. 


Keep out of reach of children

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