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Dandelion Coffee

Dandelion Coffee - 25 Sachets

Goldenfields Organic Dandelion, Caffeine free beverage made from roasted organic dandelion roots. These sachets contain lightly roasted dandelion root and a small amount of roasted barley, all finely fround.  these sachets are particuarly convenient at work or when travelling.  naturally caffeine free, they make a rich, full hbodied drink, refreshing and tonifying for the whiole system.  it can be taken any time of the day, best 1 1/2 hours after a meal and especially before resting.  Everyone knows this invading weed of endless golden flowers and toothed leaves, its powerful finger like roots reaching deep down to draw nourishment from the earth.  Goldenfields dandelion is grown in New Zealand on organic farms.  The roots are dug in autumn, dried and roasted. A powerful liver cleanser & digestive tonic. A delicious full flavour drink that ex coffee drinkers should enjoy.  25 sachets. 

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Golden Fields


25 Sachets

Common Uses

As a refreshing drink. Can be used as a coffee substitute. A useful liver cleanser and digestive tonic.

Suggested Dosage

DIRECTIONS: Use sachets like tea bags, infuse five minutes and stir.  For best results, heat cup first, use boiling water and cover.  Alternatively steep one or two sachets in a two-cup flask.  Can also be steeped in warm milk or added to coffee.


We suggest: The first time you use this, you make a weak cup. This is because of dandelion coffee's powerful liver cleansing properties. So dunk the bag in only once or twice and then put it aside and save it for the next cup.

Health Information

Golden Fields' Roasted Dandelion sachets contain lightly roasted dandelion root and a small amount of roasted barley, all finely grounded. These sachets are particularly convenient at work or when travelling. Naturally caffeine-free, they make a rich, full-bodied drink. Very refreshing and a tonic for the whole body. It can be taken anytime of the day, best 1 1/2 hours before resting. Dandelion is a plant with many medicinal qualities, but it specifically targets the liver, kidneys and skin. It is an excellent blood purifier and a great one to use with skin problems. It is high in vitamins and minerals and helps eliminate urea and uric acid in the body - making it particularly good for gout. It will help the liver produce more bile, which helps with the break down of fats from the diet. If someone has a tendency to form gall stones, Dandelion would be a good choice. Do not use if you have gall stones already, without seeking advice from a herbalist.


Dandelion root, Roasted malted barley (not more than 18%), all grown in New Zealand and freshly roasted.  Certified Organic Agriquality.


Keep out of reach of children. After opening, dispose of oxygen-absorbing sachet. Store dandelion sachets in air-tight jar. Protect from humidity.

Do not make this drink to strongly to begin with or you may feel foggy headed, due to the detoxification effect of this drink. Drinking half a lemon, juiced into water, should clear any foggy feeling that may develop.

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