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Apis Derma Original Cream 50 ml

Topical Skin Cream

Apis Derma Topical Skin Cream The non-steroid paraben free hypo-allergenic.  Apis derma topical skin cream is a unique steroid and paraben free natural alternative skincare known for its ability to support the natural healing process for topical skin problems.  While rapidly soothing and moisturising skin, helping to reduce scale, this cream also keeps skin smooth and resilient whilst providing natural protection and a healthy environment that promotes natural recovery.The Apis Derma range of skin care products active organic Apis Mellifera extract A and Apis Mellifera extract B used in the ApisDerma family of products are well known for its ability to support the natural healing process for topical skin problems. Apis Derma is suitable for all ages and a wide range of skin problems.  50 ml

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Apis Derma


50 ml

Common Uses

Apis Derma is a unique, steroid and cortisone free skincare cream that has been developed especially to control topical skin problems without the fear of side effects traditionally associated with steroid based skin creams.  It provides relief for itchy, scaly, dry and cracked skin and long-term benefits for natural skin recovery. And because it is natural Apis Derma can be applied everyday to all skin types, young and old, to control skin problems with no side effects from harmful steroids being applied to the skin. Apis Derma rapidly soothes and moisturizes skin helping to reduce scale, keeping skin smooth and resilient while providing natural protection, and a healthy environment that promotes natural recovery.

Suggested Dosage

External use only. Apply sparingly and often to the affected skin area. If symptoms persist, please consult your skin care specialist.

Health Information

About ApisDerma.  What skin complaints will Apis Derma Skincare Cream help? Clinical trials state 'that support can be given in the manufacturer's claims that Apis Derma™ is an effective treatment for eczema'. As the testimonials indicate Apis Derma™ is also very effective in providing relief for psoriasis, shingles, dermatitis and many other topical skin disorders. You can use Apis Derma™ on any itchy, flaky, dry, cracked, irritable skin. The two extracts in Apis Derma™ soak into the skin and help to boost your immune system and judging by the hundreds of letters and testimonials from satisfied users Apis Derma™ is the most effective non-steroid skin care product for most skin disorders on the market.

Will it cure my eczema or psoriasis?  We cannot tell you that it will cure your skin condition. We are however allowed to tell you that the Apis Derma™ Skincare range may help to relieve your symptoms and that the skin care cream has been on the market for 8 years in NZ with great success. Most of our testimonials are praising our products for eczema or psoriasis control.
How often should I apply Apis Derma Skincare Cream?  Sparingly and often. If you have an itchy skin problem or a skin irritation apply the Apis Derma™ to the patches whenever the condition is annoying you.

How long before I know it is working?  That varies from person to person, depending on what your problem is, how bad it is and how long you have had it. Some people can notice a difference after the first application, others find it may be a week or two before they start to notice any difference. The key is to persevere with the product. Because it is natural and there are so many different skin types we have developed a formula that is suitable for most. If you have been a regular user of Hydrocortisone then you may notice redness of the skin immediately after applying Apis Derma™ so we recommend ceasing use of other products for a couple of days before using Apis Derma™. Then you can truly measure the effectiveness of Apis derma.

Does it contain Lanolin?  No. We have found that a lot of people are allergic to lanolin.

Is it safe to apply around my eyes?  Yes. You can apply Apis Derma™ to your face and around your eyes but not in your eyes.

I am allergic to bee stings. If I use the product will it cause me to have an allergic reaction?
  No. Quite the contrary actually. In fact we have received testimonials from some users that through using the product every day they have built up their immunity to beestings to the point of no longer being allergic even in severe cases. Our studies have suggested this is due to the extracts Mellifera A and B being derived from the hive of the honey bee and is used for the bees own protection.

Is it safe to use on children?  Yes. If your child is 2 years of age or over it is fine to use, but if the child is under 2 years of age or has more sensitive skin then we recommend that you use the Apis Derma Infant™ Formula instead.

My skin is quite thin, will it harm it?
  No. Apis Derma™ can repair that damage, but if your skin is very thin and sensitive you could start off on the less concentrated Apis Derma Infant™ Formula.
Can I use it in conjunction with my doctor?s prescription?
  If you are currently using a doctors prescription containing steroids or cortisone we suggest that you finish it and have a two day break before using Apis Derma™. We feel that Apis Derma™ works better when not used in conjunction with other creams. Some chemicals used in other skin creams will actually harm or kill the natural Apis Mellifera extracts, therefore reducing their ability to be effective.

My pet has got a skin disorder - could I try it on him/her?  Yes. Because it is a natural cream it will not do your pet any harm. You need to rub it in thoroughly at least once a day. Apis Derma™ will not harm animals if they lick it off. Apis Derma is used widely in New Zealand on various animals, from dogs to race horses, with great success, consequently, we are currently developing a formula specifically for animals.

Apis Healthcare is a research and development company with a primary focus on marketing the natural and powerful Apis Melifera extract based range as alternatives to the harsh world of steroid based skincare products. 


Aqueous and Emulsifying ointment BP, Organic Apis Mellifera extracts A and B (5%), Preservative Phenoxyethanol (non-paraben).


Keep out of reach of Children.  If symptoms persist, please consult your skin care specialist.

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Apis Derma



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