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Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal - 60 Capsules

Radiance Activated Charcoal 100% pure and derived from selected grades of hardwood. Natural and highly absorptive characteristics make it very effective for assisting with the removal of distressing gases or toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. Helps relieve gas & gastrointestinal discomfort, and is an ideal addition to the home or work first aid kit as an antidote to ingested poisons. Diarrhoea, food poisoning. 60 Caps

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60 Capsules

Common Uses

Useful in cases of 'Delhi belly', food poisoning, intestinal gas and discomfort. Should be considered a vital part of a first aid kit for home, work or travel.

Suggested Dosage

Take two capsules after eating as needed for gastrointestinal upset. Repeat after two hours if discomfort persists.

In the event of accidental poisoning, identify the toxic substance and call New Zealand National Poisions Centre 24/7 help line (from New Zealand) 0800 764 766, before taking activated charcoal.

Health Information

Activated Charcoal is "…the most powerful adsorbent known to man". Each particle contains many small chambers and cavities that capture or bind up unwanted materials and gas. The charcoal then carries it safely through the digestive system. In 1813 a prominent French chemist drank 150 times the normally lethal dose of arsenic without ill effect. His secret? He had mixed the arsenic with charcoal. Charcoal was used in gas masks in WWI, and is still used today in protective masks and suits against hazardous chemicals, nerve gas and other biological toxins. Although it is commonly accepted that 'charcoal' from burnt foods increases cancer potential, this is not the case with activated charcoal. There are several factors that attest to activated charcoals' safety: activated charcoal is not "burnt" as there is no oxygen in the heating process; activated charcoal is not absorbed into the bloodstream etc.


Each capsule contains 100% pure activated Charcoal 260mg. Gelatin capsule. No gluten, dairy, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours.


Keep out of reach of children. No recommended for long term use. Not to be taken 2 hours either side of other medications including the contraceptive pill or nutritional supplements as activated charcoal can reduce their absorption. In all cases of food poisoning, chronic and acute diarrhoea, seek professional advice.

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